First Trump, now Cyril – WEF meeting just keeps getting better

By Alec Hogg

I’ve received two unsolicited PDFs of biographer Michael Wolff’s controversial new book on Donald Trump. Took a look but boredom caught me a couple dozen pages in.

Fire And Fury appears designed to make us believe the US President is a buffoon of the highest order, a brainless ego-maniac who stood for election as a publicity stunt, never expecting to win. It’s too one-sided. Because whatever Trump’s deficiencies, he is not without assets. Primary of which is his ability to pull a crowd.

News that the ultimate tree person is to attend the canoe people’s summit has added spice to my annual Davos trip. Welcome, too, is that Cyril Ramaphosa is again to replace Jacob Zuma.

The first sitting US President in almost two decades. The first ever Indian Prime Minister. And a presidential leader of Team South Africa. The annual WEF meetings really do keep getting better.

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