O’Sullivan to Abrahams: Tidy up your desk. You’re history.

JOHANNESBURG — Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan has been in the thick of South Africa’s fight against corruption. So much so that he gave up his day job to help stop the scourge. Working with some top minds at Forensics for Justice, a top target has been the role of the National Prosecuting Authority and its head Shaun Abrahams. Especially the lack of involvement in pursuing what he believes were open and shut cases against the Zuptoids. The concerted effort has seen both O’Sullivan and his colleague Sarah-Jane Trent locked up. O’Sullivan has been calling for Abrahams’ head for sometime, and feels that with Cyril Ramaphosa in the ascendancy, it must be one of the issues to be tackled first. In the short piece below, O’Sullivan refers to a News24 video, which saw an interviewer catch Abrahams unaware outside the gates of Parliament in Cape Town. The video that he refers to is in the piece but here’s the uncut one, just to give you a better sense of what O’Sullivan is talking about, when referring to body language. Let’s just say it took Shaun Abrahams ‘a while’ to answer the first question about the new leadership… – Stuart Lowman

By Paul O’Sullivan

The body language in this video was very telling, especially the bits that were cut out, which I saw on television.

What the country (that understands body language) saw in the longer version was a bare-faced corrupt liar.

The only justice that will be seen to be done, will be against you and your accomplices. This I will ensure.

The bit I liked the best was when asked if you were confident that there was a strong enough case against the Guptas and your reply was ‘Well, of course, that’s why they’ve been taken to court’.

Excuse me but, you and your accomplices have unlawfully and intentionally dragged me to court on multiple fake charges that did not have a cat in hell’s chance of success. If the same analogy applied to the Guptas the case would not gain traction. Fortunately, there are people working in the NPA that are not as corrupt as you and your accomplices, and they will win the case.

By the way, I hear that some of your staff have, without your knowledge, been drafting charges sheets for Zuma.

You have created unlawful rules that all high-profile cases must first be seen by your office, BEFORE proceeding. When you are replaced, which should be as early as next week, that rule will be declared unlawful and set aside, then the people on the ground can get back to what they do best and Zuma, whom you have unlawfully protected for years, will face the full might of the law.

High court rules NPA head Shaun Abrahams must vacate position. More magic available at www.zapiro.com.

Cyril, good luck in the clean-up, it will be a long hard task. The hyena’s circling you will not make it easier, but I know you will succeed. You got through the world trade centre talks in the early 90’s, you’ll get through this and we will have a better country as a result.

To get you started, please be assured that the whole country speaks with me when I say that every day this corrupt Zuptoid political appointee remains in office is a day too long.

He has to go. How can you have a man that reports to Michael Hulley running the NPA?

None of his staff respect him any longer and they all laugh at him behind closed doors. He has to go now!

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