Paul O’Sullivan takes anti-McBride MPs on at their own game

CAPE TOWN — If you thought Gerrie Nel the former NPA bulldog and nemesis of Oscar Pistorius, was fiercely determined, try Forensics for Justice founder, Paul O’Sullivan. Or at the very least read this explosive salvo he’s fired off at police probing complaints against him by the SA Parliamentary Committee on Police. They want him charged for allegedly threatening them by e-mail regarding their decision not to renew the (now former) chief of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, (IPID), Robert McBride’s contract. Labelling those who voted against McBride as ‘the criminal underbelly of parliament,’ carrying out instructions of controversial police minister Bheki Cele, O’Sullivan is fighting fire with fire. In his gladiatorial style, he’s started a forensic probe of every ANC member of the police committee while warning them that they’ve acted illegally by interfering with the law establishing IPID. O’Sullivan says that far from threatening or intending to unlawfully influence MPs, he wanted to make them realise that their “criminal activities” in manipulating IPID’s leadership would be exposed. He notes that not a single opposition MP voted against renewing McBride’s contract. In O’Sullivan’s eyes ANC MP’s have captured the criminal justice system to protect themselves by creating false cases to attack those wanting to expose their criminal conduct. – Chris Bateman

From: Paul O’Sullivan

To: Dieprivier Detectives Commander

My responses are in bold and yellow (changed to blue for easier reading) below.

As you can imagine, I am getting somewhat fed-up with the criminal under-belly of Parliament, using captured cops and prosecutors to harass me. That thug Cele, (along with his (convicted fraudster) chief of staff) should be in prison, NOT instructing you to harass me. You, on the other hand, should refuse a patently unlawful instruction.

Both the Constitution and the Police Service Act, make it clear that you are entitled to refuse to carry out unlawful instructions. If you continue with your conduct, then it means you are intentionally allowing yourself to be captured, just like many others before you. That would then make you guilty of an offence, or two.

This is therefore my VERY LAST e-mail to you, and I do not expect to hear from you again, other than for you to inform me that the docket has been closed. I expect you to expedite that process as well, since you were keen to expedite from the outset.

If you continue to harass me, I shall instruct my attorneys to apply for yet another interdict against the Minister of Crime and will include yourself and your boss, and the commissioner of Police.

I note that you have refused to give me the contact details of the prosecutor that you are conspiring with, so I require you to pass this on to that person as well. Likewise, I am copying the NDPP, so that she can see for herself that State Capture is alive and well on her watch.

Justice Cameron J, captured the flavour nicely in the Constitutional Court in 2014:

“…there is a higher duty on the state to respect the law, to fulfil procedural requirements and to tread respectfully when dealing with rights.”

You are now breaching my rights, under the guise of an investigation, which is patently unlawful.

My rights are reserved.

Paul O’Sullivan, Forensics for Justice

From: Dieprivier Detectives Commander

To: Paul O’Sullivan

Subject: RE: Cape Town Central CAS 1752/02/2019

  1. I hereby acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated 2019-04-10.
  2. As per your response and your concerns the following are the allegations made by the complainants and I attach your excerpts e-mails sent to Mr Beukman for reference and have highlighted the specific portions thereof:

“For the above reasons, as well as the other e-mails we have sent to you, we are advising that should your committee NOT extend Mr McBride’s term of office by AT LEAST 18 months, (to replace the 18 months stolen) we will be forced to take that decision on an urgent judicial review, in the interests of an uncaptured criminal justice system.” (E-Mail One)

There is patently nothing unlawful about the above statement. It should be borne in mind that the committee have ‘intentionally’ acted unlawfully, which in itself amounts to a criminal offence, in terms of Section 33(1) of the IPID Act.

Paul O'Sullivan

In any event, proceedings have already been commenced. We have supported the Helen Suzman Foundation in that regard, so our stated intention was not an idle one:

Helen Suzman Foundation“The fact that your committee can be guided by criminals like Cele and Nkabinde is of grave concern and has left us feeling there is more to this than meets the eye.”

“As a result, Forensics for Justice have decided to carry out detailed forensic investigations on each and every member of your committee.”

“You are requested to supply all their names and ID No’s, as well as their relevant  register of member’s interests disclosures.”

“We will publish our findings on our website, without fear or favour, as we are not prepared to stand by and watch parliament start the ball rolling on State Capture #2”

“Your members should know they are NOT above the law and it is time they were brought under control of the people who pay their salaries. I am one of those that pay.” (E-Mail Two)

Unlike the ANC criminals on the committee, we see absolutely nothing wrong with the above. It is a FACT, that criminals commit crime. We have already commenced with our investigations and have already found evidence of criminal conduct on the part of certain parties, which we will be publishing as soon as our investigations are complete. We will not be threatened or intimidated from exposing the criminality of parliamentary thugs.

“You are cautioned to read this and understand it.”

“An impotent and corrupt police service will be the result of your committee exercising powers it does not have.” Statement of FACT

“It is therefore with interest we witness your committee assigning itself unlawful powers” Statement of FACT

“your committee are rubber stamping their crimes.” Statement of FACT

“a handful of self-serving individuals that treat our Constitution with contempt.” Statement of FACT

“you have REFUSED to supply the names, id numbers and members interest declarations of your committee. I shall therefore seek same from elsewhere and will leave no stone unturned in exposing the rot in parliament that nearly brought this country to its knees and still wants to do so.” Statement of FACT and we are busy exposing such rot – watch this space!

“Please advise your committee members, that this is not the end, this is just the beginning.” (E-Mail Three)

  1. Based on the above the members took exception to the contents of the E-Mailed correspondence and perceived that it was an attempt to influence or threaten them in their decision regarding the matter that they were dealing with. Certainly it was not a threat. Nor was it intended to influence them in their lawful activities. It was intended to make them realise that their current criminal activities will be exposed, which we are currently doing. We shall be shortly posting a copy of our criminal docket against the Minister of Crime’s erstwhile spokesman and business partner, on our website for all to see.
  2. The criminal case, as I have previously indicated to you, is in regards to Section 7 & 8 of the Power, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament Act of 2004 which the complainants allege have been contravened by virtue of the e-mail you have sent them and the contents thereof. Their allegations are an ‘intentional’ lie, and amount to the offences of fraud, perjury and defeating the ends of justice. If they and a captured criminal justice system persist with their lies, then we shall subpoena, each of them, the Minister of Crime and the President of the Republic, what they have started as an attempt to silence me, will end with the ANC criminal element being on trial.
  3. In regard to the criminal cases you have reported regarding corruption and other allegations, I am unfortunately unable to provide you with feedback regarding the progress of the investigation as my current mandate and tasking’s are to deal with matters emanating from within the Parliamentary Precinct. Yes, it’s clear that the criminals in Parliament have captured the criminal justice system to protect themselves, by creating false cases to attack those that will expose their criminal conduct. This won’t stop me, they can bring as many criminal cases as they want, I will keep exposing them. Why, even the Minister of Crime’s very own Chief of Staff is an illegal immigrant and an imposter, who was previously convicted of fraud. One class example of how the criminal justice system PROTECTS criminals is attached. I shall be publishing that as well.
  4. As I have previously indicated I would prefer to have a personal interview with you as I believe I would best be able to answer your concerns and questions personally as communicating via e-mail may misconstrue my intentions or message. As I have previously stated, I am not available for an interview due to overseas workload and, in any event, prefer to have a record of the interactions. If I was in your shoes, I would simply refuse to carry out what is a patently unlawful political instruction. I NOTE for the record, that none of the opposition members of Parliament are a party to the fake complaint, which serves as further proof that the Criminal Justice System remains ‘captured’ by a criminal element in the ANC. Why should I waste any more of my time on captured elements within the criminal justice system that completely ignore the Constitution, by acting WITH prejudice at the instance of crooks in Parliament.

As I have said before, go ahead and do what you and your accomplices want you to do, and watch what will happen. If I am unlawfully arrested (yet again) I will sue you for every cent you have and the prosecutor that acted in common purpose with you.

I have again copied the President and his advisors, as it is clear that it is criminals under his control that are driving this dark agenda, aimed at keeping criminals out of prison, and also aimed at the continued capture of the Criminal Justice System. If the captured element within the criminal justice system are instructed by their corrupt political masters to unlawfully bring this matter before a court, I will subpoena each and every member of the committee AND the Minister of Crime AND the President. Maybe then we will get to the bottom of State Capture once and for all.

My responses are to be read TOGETHER with the following documents:

Constitutional Court Judgment against Minister of Crime, in favour of McBride

High Court application by McBride to the courts, to overturn the (criminally) unlawful action of the thugs that have instructed you to silence me.

Legal opinion regarding the unlawful conduct of Beukman and his accomplices.


Kind Regards