Jared Watson on his late uncle Gavin, and more this morning  

We’re experimenting with my weekly Rational Radio show today, going live between 9am and 10am. We’ll rebroadcast it at the usual noon airing, and again at 5pm and 7pm – plus once at 7am on Thursday. And the podcast will be available for downloading for convenience listening – access on iTunes or by clicking here.

Have a feeling today’s going to be one of our more popular episodes. This week’s tragic developments in the Bosasa saga will be put into perspective by Jared Watson, nephew of late CEO Gavin. Stand by for some surprises, too, from former Tekkie Town CEO Bernard Mostert as he talks about a R3.3bn duping by Markus Jooste.

Also in today’s show, Alan Knott-Craig explains the rationale behind writing his blockbuster article on Biznews which was read by 50,000 people within the first couple days; and former ANC politician and Arms Deal activist Andrew Feinstein tells us what comes next after last week’s unexpected court breakthrough where the Seriti Commission whitewash was set aside.

Plus independent financial advisor Candice Paine offers advice to a community member who supports three families and was forced into the clutches of loan sharks; and SA’s favourite market commentator David Shapiro will run his rule over Sasol, Naspers and other companies in the news. Join me at 9am by going to www.biznewsradio.com.

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