Appropriately named Kisby Fund, South Africa’s SME lifesaver.

Kisby is the English word for life saving buoys thrown into the water for drowning people to hold onto. It’s an appropriate name for a fund launched today to help previously solid South Africa SMEs which are floundering after the Covid-19 instigated lockdown sent the economy into a tailspin.

In today’s Noontime Thursday webinar we’ll be unpacking how the Kisby SME fund works, where its hundreds of millions come from and how businesses who really need to access the funding can do so. With us to answer your questions will be chairman Mark Barnes, fellow director Warren Wheatley and executive Sean Emery.

So if you know a business owner who’d benefit from this financial Kisby, do pass this along to them. With the official unemployment rate approaching 40%, South Africa needs to protect and support all its employers – especially often overlooked but critically important SMEs which create the nation’s new jobs.

Attendance at our Thursday Noontime webinars is open to all, but you do need to sign up beforehand. Here’s the registration link:

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