Doubly blessed Biznews gets two more experienced hands

I have a theory about business in a rapidly expanding sector like online publishing being more like climbing stairs than navigating a steady curve. After periods of relative calm, we seem to be hit with surges of near perpendicular growth. It’s only once you’re able to boost resources that normality returns.

We’re in the process of, hopefully, nearing the end of one of those hectic rushes having brought two experienced hands onto the Biznews deck. In February, when writing about Clive Eksteen, a longtime colleague during our Moneyweb days, I secretly hoped that one day we’d work together again. Through a series of fortuitous (for Biznews) events, Clive joined our core management team at the beginning of July. We’re blessed.

Similarly, we’ve welcomed ace broadcaster and my long-time friend Tim Modise back into our fold. We played together in the very early days of Biznews when Tim put together a section on Transformation. That didn’t work out as we’d hoped, but he’s now back and, inter alia, will be taking over responsibility for our flagship Noontime Thursday webinar. Doubly blessed. Sign up here:

*Our partners at Orbvest take the wraps off their latest medical real estate opportunity in the US, Princeton 300A. The webinar will be hosted on 23 July and here’s the registration link:

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Community comment:

I just want to say “congratulations” on having these 2 brilliant men on-board, especially Tim Modise. You are truly blessed!

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