Long, hard lockdown fails to save lives

Many will be praying that the government relegates strict lockdown rules to the history books as they reflect on the 50% plunge in GDP, which hammered every sector except agriculture, in the second quarter. Included among those who think President Cyril Ramaphosa and team should never entertain such measures again – and in fact have eased up rules far too slowly – is one of the best medical minds in the country.

Professor Shabir Madhi, a vaccinology expert of global standing with the University of the Witwatersrand, told BizNews that, contrary to government statistics, the country’s death rate from the disease is just as high as Britain’s – at about 1.4%. There are different ways of calculating the figure.

Covid-19 is likely to linger, and may pick up again, but lockdown will destroy more lives than it can save, is his message. Hear the fascinating conversation with Professor Madhi on the Inside Covid-19 podcast – which also includes insights from a top data lawyer, Emma Sadleir, on why the Covid-19 tracing app won’t impinge on your privacy.

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Dear Jackie

It seems to me that each jurisdiction (and person) has to decide which is more important to him/her/it – Dollars or Deaths. “Thou shalt not murder”. In Canada “All Lives Matter” more than Dollars.