Under the skin of Magda Wierzycka: entrepreneur, philanthropist, pathfinder

It was never a case of ‘rags’ to riches for Magda Wierzycka, one of SA’s most successful women entrepreneurs. As she says, on The Alec Hogg Show, she has always liked nice clothes. So she worked – as a teenager – at an OK Bazaars deli counter, serving polony slices to build up pocket money for chic boutique treats.

Wierzycka has grown an impressive financial services company, Sygnia, from scratch. What makes her story all the more extraordinary is that she really had nothing before she managed to secure a bursary to study actuarial sciences. Now she is a very wealthy woman, whose friends include a Silicon Valley tech giant.

But, she’s not all about money and the trappings of wealth. As you will hear in the interview, Wierzycka, who spent her childhood in communist Eastern Europe, is very committed to South Africa. In particular, she is determined to play her part in making the world, and specifically her adopted home, a better place.

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