Rob Hersov, SA billionaire who’d like to eject ANC

Many rich South Africans are emigrating, so fed up are they with the way the ANC has mismanaged the economy, as data suggests. Bucking this trend is Rob Hersov, a billionaire entrepreneur who sold a business to the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, and has worked for titans of industry, like media owner Rupert Murdoch.

He’s back in SA to shake up the political establishment, as he told BizNews founder Alec Hogg. Can he do it? Listen to this fascinating interview with Hersov, who includes billionaire businessman Johann Rupert among his mentors, on The Alec Hogg Show with Rob Hersov. Hint: He’s a walker of the north.

Also taking on the ANC is former DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who sets out his vision to fix SA – including swapping BEE for a justice fund. Read the story, by my colleague Bernice Maune, here.

PS: Alec Hogg hosts Martin Freeman and Justin Clarke from BizNews partners Orbvest, the $400m US medical property investment company that has captured many South African hearts. They’ll be taking the wraps off their latest investment building, their 29th and first in the “retirement state” of Arizona. Their minimum investment is $5 000 (R80 000). Register here to attend the webinar:

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* Chapter 10 of our audiobook on the Ramaphosa biography (read by BizNews founder Alec Hogg) is now available for your listening. It’s a particularly good one, as it focuses on how CR built the National Union of Mineworkers from a startup into a potent force for change. Here’s the link to the audio:

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* A vibrant edition of Finance Friday webinar where independent financial advisor Dawn Ridley (the female Magnus Heystek?) was joined by a couple of brainiacs from Ninety One – Albert Coetzee and Marc Linley. Here’s the link to the recording:

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