Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Violent anarchy was little short of an attempted coup

Not surprisingly, my inbox was filled with emails about the events of the past week. Here’s a perspective from Mark Courtney, a correspondent from a sunny but cold Western Capewho writes:

I am no supporter nor apologist for our government and its present leader. I do, however, want to give some food for thought.

The anarchy we are witnessing was little short of an attempted Coup d’etat. We are all aware of how State institutions have been compromised. This compromise is not only the destruction of enterprise but the infiltration of ‘moles’ into the Intelligence, Military and Policing structures. (Why are the police being ‘defunded’ and the VIP Protection unit getting an increase? Trust!)

The President and his incapable Ministers were being very cautious in their delaying tactics around mobilising the military. They would have had to secure a loyal command structure before deploying.

Failing to secure loyalists in the military would have completed the Coup!

He really was between a rock and a hard place.  

Community member Jack weighed in with an insight that’s hard to dispute:

Treason is defined as follows under South African law. (See Helen Suzman Foundation)

“The crime is one that requires the individual to be a citizen of, or owe allegiance to the country, in question. While each country phrases their law differently, the central crux of the provision is that any individual who conspires or incites others to attempt to overthrow the lawfully constituted government, alter the laws or policy of the country by force, usurps the power of the government or incites invasion will be guilty of treason.” 

Are the dark forces (Ace? Gwala? Niehaus? etc) who motivated and co-ordinated the rioters not open to be charged with treason?

Loved this little quip from businesswoman Jacqui Moskovitz who wrote:

Re: your interview with  Frans Cronjé

What I found so funny was when you asked Frans what plans he had for his future, he said he had no idea, yet he is a seasoned scenario planner, ironic, the shoemaker has no shoes 🙂

And finally, with Covid-19 ravaging SA and the debate around the value of Ivermectin raging, accountant Andrew Lake has a question for other members of the BizNews Community. He wrote:

Other than no “suitable” scientific clinical trials in the minds of some and no at present scientific evidence Ivermectin works in treating covid in the minds of some, let’s ignore that debate for a moment. 

The question is: Are there bad effects in taking Ivermectin ie. will it kill me or hurt me? Obviously overdose will I assume, so let’s assume people take it via a regulated prescribed way.

My question really is so, what if Ivermectin works or does not work? Because if it has no ill effects on people, does it really matter if in people’s mind it does?

No one who is anti-Ivermectin has stated any dire consequences of taking it other than it has not been clinically proven to treat Covid. 

Are there clinical trials with Ivermectin in general usage other than Covid treatment giving us scientific downsides and ill effect to its usage.

So are there long term negative effects of taking Ivermectin?

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