Alec Hogg’s Inbox: To Big Pharma, everyone needs a vaccine

Financial planner Gerrit Viljoen offers a perspective that speaks to the rational mind. Somehow in a collective desire to save themselves – and humanity – society appears to have forgotten that an industry whose reputation used to be down there with Big Tobacco has suddenly rehabilitated and become the world’s collective saviour. Anyone who has watched the cancel culture aimed at questioners – and knows anything about the Dark Media Arts – would be sceptical. As Gerrit put it:

Mmmmm…….. to a hammer everything looks like a nail. To Big Pharma everyone needs a vaccine.

We get many requests to promote this cause or that. Mostly I pass them on to our Commercial Director Clive Eksteen ([email protected] if you’re keen to support us) but this one is a little different. So in the self-interest of all of South Africa, here’s Gareth Druce’s email about more Covid craziness:

Regarding SA being on the UK’s red list (and I am a Brit, been in SA for 20+ years), there is a petition that needs 100,000 signatures to get the matter re-discussed in parliament.

Could you put the link on your next missive?

Here’s the link: Remove South Africa from the travel ‘Red List’ – Petitions (

And we close off today with early BizNews alumni and old pal Irvine Green’s take on a few matters. He wrote:

  1. Agree on the apprenticeships comment. I did Industrial Arts for matric (Std 9 AND 10).. so good at wood and metalwork. Most useful knowledge/practical uses. Unlike SOME back in those days mind twisting teachings..!
  2. As soon as finished ‘The Great Reckoning’ (great reading…bought it in 1992), I will be reading ‘A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich’, also an Alexander Solzhenitzyn book.
  3. Agree on ‘hard fought for free speech and freedom of thought..’ See it in action in my coming soon, new production, ‘South Africa Digest’ (Do you remember that apartheid Govt’s propaganda publication?) MY version will look back at the hogwash we were fed, and what we were PREVENTED FROM SEEING by the Publications Control Board.

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