Stuart Lowman’s Inbox: Hersov’s Q&A might have made its way into the Presidency’s office

Rob Hersov’s Q&A from the BizNews Investment Conference has gone viral on YouTube. So much so that community member Tim Greig says it might have even made its way into the Presidency’s office:

A big congrats to you for getting Rob Hersov to speak to us. The man is a hero. Thank you Rob, and it’s so refreshing and encouraging to hear someone who has the balls to call it like it is. I just wish other business leaders would ‘stand up and be counted’ in this country. Surprise, surprise in today’s news I read that Cyril made a statement with regard to job creation. He’s obviously heard Rob’s interview.

The GroundUp attack on BizNews generated a lot of feedback from the community. Peter Theunissen said the following:

All I can say is well done for standing up to the rot. It was only a matter of time until a balanced platform like yours got labelled.

I stopped reading a lot of the garbage published by MSM a long time ago.

The irony is that when one can see that a media channel is less biased and trying to engage in debate on both sides of the journal, as you put it, one is more inclined to read both sides of the story and engage in further debate as opposed to just switching off.

Would be interesting to know what the GroundUp Big Wigs get paid to drive their agenda.

Off the back of the attack, BizNews has decided to become a member of the SA Press Council. Some community members don’t agree with this stance. Gabri Rigotti said:

There is no need to join the Press Council … let the market (your readership) be the valuation of your contribution …

Nicki van Eeden said:

Actually I don’t agree that you should join an organisation which would try to make you “TOE THE LINE”, I far prefer to know you are a fair and FREE spirit.

While David Nel added:

Please do not become any member, stay independent, you are worth much more like that than becoming a word spewing machine, spewing words the government really wants but trying to fool the public.

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