Stuart Lowman’s Inbox: Post Office staff only crippled their employer but stuck many out of business

John Freeman questions the role of unions, and why he has no sympathy for Post Office staff:

I have heard and read a lot lately about how Post Office staff are annoyed that their PAYE, UIF and medical aid payments have been siphoned off. I regret to say that I have little sympathy for them. They had a monopoly on which many small but profitable operations like mine relied heavily. When they went on an extended strike they not only crippled the Post Office, their employer, as a business but stuck many of their clients out of business, like my 36-year-old publication The SA Turf Directory. Now they wonder how it all happened. The pain lingers on. Every week I open my mailbox to find items returned from that strike in 2016 “undelivered”.

Throughout my 48 years in business, I have seen clients close down their factories and businesses as a result of unions pushing too hard – there is always a knock-on and job losses that they don’t consider. It’s clear that the fat cats that run these unions know nothing about business, let alone how to start one, but they know a lot about how to put people out of business.

So that strike pushed all of us into the digital era, unwillingly. The people that we employed to set up each edition for print, the printers, the labour we used for packing, postal people who handled each envelope were all gone, never to return.

Paul Fouche asks the ruling party a tough question with the ANC not paying staff taxes to SARS, despite deducting them from salaries:

Just a question if the ANC owes SARS allegedly R80m in PAYE that has been deducted from its staff, then this is a criminal offence. A company may not deduct taxes from its employees and not pay this over to SARS. It is in fact Trust money and the company acts as an agent for SARS. The head of the ANC, CFO etc should be criminally charged. Why is this not happening?

And Ana Forssman’s note to Piet Mouton and Adrian Gore received mixed feedback. Gavin Munro was on the negative side:

Ana Forssman is just another naysayer who has not suffered the ravaging effects of Covid-19. Believe you me, when she or someone she loves is struck down with this invisible enemy, she will lament her words in guilty silence.

Get vaccinated whether you approve or not.

While Theo Stehle said:

I want to applaud Ana Forssman for her well-thought through and bold arguments. And BizNews for publishing them.

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