The Daily Insider: Let’s pray SA’s political parties will show true leadership

Every so often, life reminds us of our mortality. A car accident. A family member’s passing. Memories of tragedies whose wounds seem healed but never will. Such events urge us to reflect. To rebalance. To observe whether we’re really living our very best life.

I’ve never forgotten a leadership guru’s presentation years ago where he explained how Antarctic explorers of yore walked in single file with their compass-bearing leader at the rear. In those conditions, he shared, being a single degree off course was an existential risk.

This morning when SA’s business-friendly political parties meet, they can bicker among themselves. Or set egos aside and coalesce to change the country for the better. Let’s pray they use this unique and potentially one-off opportunity to show true leadership. And set the nation onto the right course.

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