The Daily Insider: Are you keen to get a slice of a US medical property for $1,000?

OrbVest is one of my favourite business partners. Partly because I just love their story: three successful SA entrepreneurs – one SA’s medical property doyen – combined their expertise to invest in US medical buildings.

One of the partners, previously shareholder and CEO of Bayport South Africa, Martin Freeman, then relocated to the US to drive their ambition of accumulating a portfolio worth $1bn. Enter the tech nouse of the third of the trio, Private Property founder Justin Clarke, and OrbVest opened up for co-investment by SA retail investors.

In our 5pm webinar yesterday, Martin and Justin took the wraps off OrbVest’s 37th project, a medical building in Tampa Florida. And ODH5, the company’s fifth pooled unit which offers diversification across 14 projects.

Just before the webinar ended, Justin sprung a surprise by telling us OrbVest is dropping its $5,000 minimum investment level to just $1,000 – only for BizNews community members between now and Christmas. Justin said the idea is for our tribe to let “taste before they eat”. So if you’re keen to get a slice of a US medical property for $1,000, use this link:

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