Daily Insider: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. In person, too

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You’ve surely heard the joke that goes: At 15, it was clear my father knew absolutely nothing. After I turned 30, it surprised me how much he’d learnt. Now that I’m 50, wish I’d listened to him more…..

It’s similar when we discover an old timer like Warren Buffett told us things like best we drop the frictional cost of life. I have received a practical lesson in how this works after getting a wearable device for Christmas, a Garmin which monitors and scores my stress, exercise, sleep and level of “body battery”. 

Now it is so obvious how my body works in a predictable cycle. Eat sensibly, chill before bed and the sleep score will be high, boosting the body battery and setting me up for a calm and productive day. The opposite? Better to just stay in bed. 

We know that in business if you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it. Thanks to wearables, it’s now the same for our persons. And after attacking those needless frictions, you will wonder why you didn’t do so years ago.    

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