Daily Insider: Realism, hope from Opposition leaders for SA in 2024, post-ANC rule

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Realism, hope for post-ANC rule from SA Opposition leaders

Some powerful content for you on BizNews this morning.

Mike Appel picked up on the unprecedented three year Bain & Co banning by the UK government by interviewing SA’s good friend Lord Peter Hain and whistleblower Athol Williams. Their efforts have produced concrete results in London. Nothing yet from Pretoria, the scene of Bain’s crimes. 

On my side, I interviewed two political heavyweights yesterday, both of whom commented on Bain & Co – and much more. DA chair Helen Zille and Action SA leader Herman Mashaba were in great form. Click on the links to watch them on the BizNews channel on YouTube. 

An obvious conclusion after both discussions is that it will take years of rebuilding for SA to repair the damage of ANC misrule. On the upside, though, we will soon stop going backwards. Any path to economic prosperity can only start by ending ignorance and abuse. Roll on 2024. 

WATCH: Whistleblower Athol Williams believes the UK government’s three-year ban imposed on controversial global consultancy firm Bain and Company should be an embarrassment to the South African government and its inaction. Following sustained pressure from former UK cabinet minister Lord Peter Hain, the UK government banned Bain from tendering for any public sector work for the specified period due to “grave professional misconduct” emanating from its work at SARS. Despite two commissions of inquiry having found Bain – working in concert with former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane and former President Jacob Zuma – deeply implicated in the repurposing and evisceration of South Africa’s tax collector, the South African government has done nothing. The Zondo Commission recommended that all Bain’s prior contracts with the state should be investigated with a view to prosecution. Williams tells BizNews he’s yet to receive an iota of support or a response to numerous requests for assistance from both the business community and the state after he fled the country last year.


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