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Our new-look BBB is now even fresher – and a real team effort 

We’re into the eighth week of the BizNews Business Briefing, a 20-minute or so podcast updating you on the latest business and investment news that matters.

The podcast has evolved and is now at the point where it’s close to the finished article – hence this note to “launch” it to our broader community. Executive Producer Lucy Ferreira and I are now being joined by various colleagues to provide more than the initial market update.

The podcast is also available sooner – early evenings – on the BizNews Radio channels on iTunes (click here) and Spotify (click here). Also, for those who prefer consuming their audio on YouTube, click here for the BizNews TV channel.

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WATCH: Purple Group’s share price jumped 10% on Friday, swimming strongly against the sliding market. Reason was a rather cryptic SENS announcement about a major partnership secured in Asia. Although details were deliberately sparse to ensure the partner’s Big Bang launch won’t be compromised, Purple CEO Charles Savage visited our virtual studio to share the context – and ventured that once the market became fully appraised of the significance of the deal, it’s not only existing Purple fans who will be impressed.

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