Daily Insider: Steinheist hits the “kassie” – Markus Jooste’s worst nightmare

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SA business’s favourite future jailbird, Markus Jooste, might reside in a Hermanus mansion, but he doesn’t really live in the town. Locals tell me the former Steinhoff CEO occasionally sneaks out in disguise (hat, scarf, sunglasses) for a morning coffee. Sometimes they get the odd glimpse of his Bentley 4×4 (yes, there is one.) But even those rare sightings are about to dry up.

Last Thursday Showmax flighted the first episode in a three-part mini-series on Jooste, based on Rob Rose’s best-selling book Steinheist. It is sure to convert the last few souls who persist in giving the fraudster any benefit of the doubt. The channel is staggering the release with fresh episodes available this Thursdays and next.

Jooste never hid that Rose was his least favourite journalist. His antipathy is sure to multiply. Rose tells a really good story, excelling in his narrating role, using advantages of the medium to great effect. It is impossible for anyone who watches to misunderstand what went down. Or to be bemused why Jooste isn’t behind bars.

I had high hopes for the project after some personal interaction with executive producer Richard Finn Gregory and his team. But you never really know until you witness it in final form. It surpasses my expectations: a truly world class production, brilliantly applying the compelling content. Riveting viewing. Even for those who never owned Steinhoff shares. 

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