Jay Naidoo – Why I’m praying to pause Covid vaccines, stop the carnage

Jay Naidoo has graced the BizNews community once again with another from-the-heart contribution, for me the best yet. From ancient times, orators were taught the difference between good and great work lay in how they applied Logos, Ethos and Pathos – reason; trust; emotion. Whether deliberate or not, these legs of an expert communicator’s stool have been applied below by the former trade unionist and ANC leader. Naidoo, now 68 and comfortable in the role of Elder Statesman, applies his mind to the obvious question: Why risk a reputation built over decades by engaging in the hotbed of agenda-driven Covid narratives? His answer is simple and quite brilliant. He’s a Grandpa. Read on. – Alec Hogg

I am a grandfather, and a watchdog

By Jay Naidoo*

The powerful piece below by Struggle Icon Jay Naidoo is not one I ever expected we’d be publishing. (…) Yet here he is, fighting one of the least popular of causes. Because, he says, it’s the right thing to do. (…) Given the wide and justified mistrust of Big Pharma and allegations of bureaucrat “capture”, Naidoo’s calls appear entirely rational — Alec Hogg

This is a question I am asked daily: Why am I flying in the face of the dominant narrative?

I am a grandfather. Three beautiful grandsons. After having three children which my wife raised pretty much on her own because I was so busy helping change the course of history. I grew up in a country which tore families, communities, friends and organisations apart based on one of the greatest injustices of humankind: that we were less than human because of the colour of our skin. They used propaganda, the media, the laws, the bible and even science to justify apartheid.

Jay Naidoo
Jay Naidoo

I play with my South African grandson today and he roams freely and happily in parts of the country I was forbidden to set foot on at his age. I look at the work we did, to free the shackles of tyranny, through my grandsons eyes, discovering nature anywhere he wants, playing with friends and family, not one of them the same colour or shade, singing and dancing to French, English, Zulu, Sotho or Sanskrit songs. I let him trial and tumble, learn and experience, but I am also a hawk, a watchdog, being mindful of where he plays—some broken glass, a nail?—of what he watches on TV—violence?—of what he eats—processed, sugar?

My grandson just turned four, last week. It was his first birthday without masks and rules. The first lockdown happened on his first birthday. That was the day our lives changed. All of us.

What I see now, three years later, are families torn apart, including mine. I see brothers against brothers, children fighting each other and parents quarrelling. Communities divided. I see intolerance and hate spread across social media. The social fabric of humanity is unravelling. I see censorship, fear and coercion the dominant paradigm.

And most of all I see mounting data relating to those who are suffering vaccine injuries. In my own family. And all around me. Last week, someone was telling me of this seven-year-old boy, Rayn Cronjé, who collapsed and died, in Rustenburg. Heart attack. A few months ago, an 11-year-old boy suffered a heart attack at a primary school in Pretoria West. Then 12-year-old Rick Hendricks collapsed and died on the rugby field in Pretoria. And 19-year-old Helené Jansen Van Rensburg, and 18-year-old Jessica Matthews who collapsed and died. Same as 24-year-old Carla Steytler who died suddenly. I have read newspapers all my life and never have I seen so many cardiac arrests in children and youth. 

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Neither have many doctors, some who have started to speak up, even though as they do stand up they are vilified and smeared. But the facts are now clear: The severe adverse event reports for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in 2021 and 2022 are 1,727% higher than all other vaccines combined from 2011 to 2020. Death reports are 2,768% higher, reports of disability are 875% higher, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a serious brain disease, has skyrocketed 2,900%. Reports show a 1,754% increase in cancer cases related to the Pfizer vaccine. Rare cancers such as Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia and male breast cancers are also being reported in older individuals. There is a 737% increase in serious pregnancy-related issues (spontaneous abortion, miscarriages, stillbirths). (Source: https://vaers.hhs.gov This data is still being updated for 2022.)

Peer-reviewed papers in recent months are showing potential links between the mRNA technology and conditions such as autoimmune diseases, aggressive deadly cancers, severe inflammatory conditions, prion diseases (untreatable contagious diseases resulting in the gradual decline of brain function leading to personality changes and death), myocarditis, blood clotting, impaired fertility, miscarriages and spontaneous abortions.

The Pfizer studies indicate that 300% more participants in the vaccinated study group suffered health problems by 1 month than in the unvaccinated placebo study group; seventy-five percent more participants in the vaccinated study group suffered severe health problems by 1 month than in the unvaccinated group; ten percent more participants in the vaccinated group suffered serious health problems by 6 months than in the unvaccinated group; and 20 vaccinated participants died by 6 months, as opposed to 14 unvaccinated placebo participants. Of the 42,086 case reports of adverse events following the vaccines, the cumulative post-rollout safety report indicate that 1223 people were dead within 2½ months of the roll-out (December 2020 to February 2021). It’s ironic that the FDA has pulled medication off the market for causing as few as four deaths…

Everywhere I go, I hear stories of vaccine injured people. My mother-in-law had a heart attack after the first Pfizer shot. She was pressurized to take a second shot. Then she was unable to walk, to feed herself, bathe herself or take care of her daily needs. This is a woman whom I have known for 32 years, who was fit, who walked five kilometres a day. And then became a frail woman whom the government bureaucrats wanted to put in a hospice because there was nothing more they could do.

My wife then travelled to Canada, and painstakingly nursed her mother back to health. On duty 24/7. For 7 months. And when she raised the issue with her mother’s doctor about the connection between the vaccine and her mom’s heart attack, he confirmed this as the only probable answer. But he didn’t put that down in the report as “he could lose his job.” And he said that he was seeing lots of related heart attacks since the rollout of the vaccine.

Then one of our sons who had had rheumatic fever at the age of 7 (it can affect the heart), has an immune system so sensitive that he goes into anaphylactic shock even from a bee sting. The doctor who treated him in SA wrote a letter stating he should be given an exemption, that in fact, he shouldn’t have any vaccine, never mind the Covid one. But the true callousness of this pandemic response and the health care system in Canada was thrown in our face. After two months’ negotiation with a senior doctor, because our son couldn’t take the bus, train or plane without a vaccine, the doctor told us that there could not be an exemption in spite of his medical history — “that we should bring our son to the hospital. Then if his heart stops, they have the machines to restart it.” By the way, our son had Covid. He had a fever and a cough for … six hours. 

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This is not a global health care system that puts patient care and informed consent before profits. This is not the Hippocratic Oath that doctors swore to uphold that puts patient care first. This is not the democracy I fought for.

I have been labelled many times in my life. A populist. A workerist. A terrorist. A labour baron. A revolutionary. A communist. A syndicalist. A demon of Satan. The list goes on. And now an anti-vaxxer, vaccine denialist and a right-winger! How does asking questions about ONE vaccine make me an anti-vaxxer, I wonder, or turn around my whole political spectrum because I care about people dying from an experimental product with no long-term data? (Pfizer states the length of the experiment in their documents: Actual Study Start Date: April 29, 2020. Study Completion Date: February 10, 2023) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728

As an anti-apartheid activist, a social justice campaigner and a grassroots community and labour organiser I have also stood against tyranny. I have stood with the underdog in the face of power and arrogance. We now have evidence that the Covid jab is neither safe nor effective. It does not give immunity and it does not stop transmission. Why are we not pausing the vaccination when data is mounting relating to vaccine injuries? And one of my biggest questions is why the media has so unanimously become an echo chamber of big pharma and their allies? Where is the watchdog?

Well, some media are coming out. The Ekstra Bladet, the digital newspaper with the widest reach in Denmark, has apologized for its journalistic failure during Covid when publishing only official government messages without questioning them. “We failed,” they said. Same for the German newspaper Der Spiegel who admitted to failing as the fourth estate during the Corona pandemic. “The dictator in us was quite strong,” they admitted.

Public officials are also coming out. Last week, a town councillor in West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada, Anne Tessier, officially apologized for the vaccine mandates. “I want to acknowledge that this policy has caused a lot of unnecessary harm and animosity. (…) The Public Health Ontario data shows that by January 2022, more Covid cases were reported per capita in the vaccinated people versus unvaccinated people. Unfortunately, the outcome of the vote from the municipal council resulted in the implementation of this punitive policy. With all my heart, I extend my apologies to those who were affected.” In the United States, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is calling for a moratorium on the vaccine mandates stating that “the long-term effects cannot possibly be known” and that “there are numerous safety signals, including excess sudden deaths, that would in the past have prompted immediate withdrawal from the market.”

So as I see people dying suddenly all over, including children, I cannot stand idle. I am a grandfather, a watchdog. I cannot betray what I stand for. I stand in my truth. And I stand in my power. And I stand humbly ready to accept that my truth is not the whole truth.

But I am a Truthseeker. I am a Humanist. The debate has become so strident. I have friends prepared to defriend me after decades. It has divided my family. I have been called names in public. This is the most divisive conversation I have had in my life.

I have no reason to hate anyone. Or to be angry with anyone. I have mellowed. I have learnt. Become wiser.

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I am an Elder. I want us to rise above our differences. To rise above our constituencies no matter how unpopular it is to do so. We have done this before in our history. Surely our goal in these precarious times is human unity and solidarity. How can we become the bridge? The Light that unifies us? To rise above our ego and attachments of the mind and learn to stop talking past each other, but listen with our heart space?

There are many vaccine-injured people who need to be seen. To be heard. To be treated. Can we tame our anger and our hate and competitiveness and put them in the centre of the debate?

Can we pause the vaccination especially of children until we have studied the data independently?

This is my Prayer as a grandfather.