Investing offshore: Special focus on Portugal, gateway to the EU.

We go onsite at the LX Living project in Lisbon, following up on the popular webinar we held in August last year. Those who missed the investment when R16.50 bought one Euro (you now need R19.20) might be considering a second bite at the cherry. We take another look at why Portugal has become the preferred route into Europe for South Africans – and examine the benefits of the country’s door-opening Golden Visa. For more information click here. Panelists in this webinar were:

  • Project director, chartered accountant Malcolm Lobban, a former executive at M&R and CEO of Sanyati.
  • Onsite Project Director Bradley Parker who will take us for a tour of the site where construction has started in earnest.
  • Lia Monteiro, also from Lisbon, a specialist in Portugal’s law and why the country is now so popular among investors.
  • Rui Magalhaes, of First Wave Financial Services, who is also a CA and a specialist in financial emigration for South Africans.

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