The REAL reason SA nurses are disappearing: They have a ticket to emigrate

News reports of African migrants drowning in the Mediterranean and freezing to death after hiding in the wheel compartments of UK-bound aeroplanes by attempting to enter Europe illegally might make you think that Great Britain is a very hard place in which to settle. But, nurses looking for a better life and pay than they get in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa find it very easy to get permission to stay in the UK. What’s more, it’s only going to get easier as the shortage of medical staff compels the British government to hire foreign nurses. This has been flagged up in election campaigning, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson promising to dramatically increase the number of nurses who work for the National Health Service. Douglas Gibson, formerly of the Democratic Alliance, points out that there is a significant shortage of nurses in South Africa with no improvement on the horizon. He asks: Where have our teachers and nurses gone? Gibson raises the possibility that affirmative action might have deterred individuals from finding employment as nurses in South Africa. But black nurses are just as sought after as white in Britain. For some who make their way to Britain the pay is attractive. For many there is the appeal of living in a low-crime area unfettered by rampant corruption and gross economic mismanagement and where your children can receive a reasonable standard of education for free. For nurses who land up in Scotland, university education is free for their children after a period of residence. A nursing qualification is a ticket to emigrate to a place that appears to have a brighter future. Gibson’s article first appeared in the Star Newspaper. – Jackie Cameron 

Where have our teachers and nurses gone?

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