🔒 Boardroom Talk – Martin Wolf explains how Trump return to White House would change world

By Alec Hogg

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A piece we ran just weeks after Donald Trump was elected US president in 2016 has aged veru well. It was headlined “To Trump’s America: Now that you have your own Zuma, welcome to our world.” (click here). Embedded within was a simply brilliant video by Trevor Noah (click above) that’s now been seen by over 5m people.

This week marked exactly a year until the next US presidential election. Opinion polls put Trump comfortably ahead of the incumbent despite the disastrous impact of his first four years. This in spite of his baseless allegations of fraud in the 2020 election and despite Trump encouraging yahoos who, on January 6, 2021, invaded the US Capitol.

The FT’s top columnist, Martin Wolf, shares with us the likely consequences of a Trump return to the White House. Please read it, because in our interconnected world, geopolitics has a direct impact on each of our lives. No matter how modest one’s circumstances may appear in the grand scheme.

What struck me upon reading Wolf’s insights is how accurately Trevor Noah called it seven years ago. Trump really is America’s Zuma. Both are afflicted by the arrogance of ignorance. Like his African counterpart, Trump neither understands nor cares about embracing complexities of the modern world. Zuma’s legacy is today’s Eskom and Transnet. A second Trump term is likely to leave the world something even worse.  



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