Angry SAs speak: It’s off to jail with you, treasonous Myeni

Ex-SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni’s three-day testimony at the Zondo Commission was nothing short of a circus. From refusing to answer questions about SAA and maintaining her innocence in Nhlanhla Nene’s axing in 2015, to revealing the name of a state capture witness, Myeni gave a performance that was both entertaining and frustrating.

At the worst of times, it made many South Africans shake in their boots.

Commenting on a BizNews article titled, ‘Zondo unpacks how Myeni, JZ worked together: Nene axing, rand rigging, cash, police, Eskom‘, 

“‘Myeni would receive the payments and make cash deposits of up to R100 000 into her own account.’ Surely a cash deposit of that size would have triggered an FIC event? If not reported, the bank is, theoretically, in deep trouble.”

She almost single handedly destroyed SAA, yet the arrogant delinquent still believes she is an inspiration to black people? Like most of the cadres she has absolutely no shame and no conscious. Lock this criminal up, and the herdboy who employed her!!!”

O’Sullivan called it in 2014, when he said she would wreck the airline. He had dirty cops chasing all around town because of it.”

When it surfaced that Myeni admitted lying about her degree, Twitter erupted.

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The reaction on Facebook was no less exasperated.

Facebook Comment Dudu Myeni

Facebook Dudu

Facebook Dudu Comment

Dudu-linquent… SA demands justice, you and all your cronies must pay for your crimes! Soon you’ll have to swop the doeke and cloths for orange overalls. ‘Dan gaan ons braai!'”

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Divided we stand

However, not all our BizNews community members feel the same.

Will South Africans have their wishes granted? Or, will another one slip through the cracks?

We wait with bated breath.

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