Chery Tiggo 7 Pro: staggering advancement

Does anyone remember the old Tiggos? I do. One of my employees at the time owned one. He had an artificial plastic flower garden in the dash. Given his tall stature, flowing blond looks and outrageous good looks I always found that amusing. This new one though is anything but amusing. Chery have not evolved … Read more

Hybrid cars could be the way to go

Owning a hybrid car could save South African motorists substantial sums on fuel in the long run, although the up-front costs are high.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L: it’s revolutionary

The ‘old’ Grand Cherokee has been around for something like a decade now and it has had some brisk sales in its career. It put Jeep on the map in the luxurious big SUV segment but now there is an all new one to build on this legacy. 98% all new in fact. There was … Read more

Opel Mokka 1.2T GS: excitement returns

The new Mokka was launched in April this year and it says something about it’s popularity that it’s taken a while to make its way into the hands of yours truly. I remember at the launch being impressed with the 1.2l turbo motor and it’s pairing with a smooth shifting 8 speed automatic gearbox coupled … Read more


How important are good quality tyres?

Keeping your car in contact with the road is an important job. We went to test budget vs premium tyres to showcase the performance difference.

Ford EcoSport Active: connectivity opens up a whole new world

They say that the best time to buy a car is when it reaches end of life because the car will be at its best. The EcoSport, having been around now for ten years has, justifiably, had many positive words written about it and it spent a majority of that life at the top of … Read more

Suzuki Baleno: unrivalled value for money

This is the second generation Suzuki Baleno to grace South African shores. And my is it a good ‘un as I’ll unpack a bit later. The new one does however come with some fairly stiff competition in the form of the Toyota Starlet. You see the Baleno comes out of the same factory as the … Read more