Ebola Spreads To Email

Posted by Christian Nyakanyanga On September 08, 2014 The Ebola virus that is causing rampant havoc in Western Africa has now spread to Email through Phishing Scams. For the uninitiated a Phishing scam is an online scam that uses email to steal your personal information. For more details on the components of a Phishing Scam you can refer to … Read more

Business alert: backoff malware affecting POS systems

By Christian Nyakanyanga It seems a new type of malware is on the loose and took America by storm; almost a 1000 businesses have been affected since 2013. Fortunately the United Secret Service had released a detailed warning about the malware, not in time to save those businesses but hopefully in time for businesses here in … Read more

The reality of car hacking

By Christian Nyakanyanga Over the years our cars have got more and more connected to the world beyond the four doors. We started by syncing our music, connecting our phones via Bluetooth and then threw in some G.P.S navigation systems in there. Today our cars can fully connect to the internet and some even drive themselves. … Read more

Telkom closes Schindehutte book – needs to open one on AGM management

At its AGM this morning, Telkom closed the book on the fracas that is known as the Schindehutte saga. The former CFO, who has been on suspension with full pay for a quarter of the time he was employed by the group, has apparently decided to take early retirement. So Telkom’s “Dream Team” can focus … Read more

MJ’s innovative spirit lives on: FNB tablets for R99pm

Michael Jordaan might have retired, but the innovative former CEO’s spirit lives on at FNB. As our partners at ITWeb report in this article, the bank is expanding its digital product offerings into an untapped market with a tablet for R99 a month. – AH From IT Web: First National Bank (FNB) has announced the … Read more

Here comes the China Operating System – watch out Silicon Valley

China expects to launch its own operating system in October 2014 in competition with US tech giants Google, Microsoft and Apple’s presence in China. The operating system is expected to be launched initially on desktops within one to two years and on mobile phones within 3-5 years. Likely to be dubbed China Operating System, one can … Read more

MTN vs Vodacom: Network infrastructure war intensifies

Our partners at ITWeb have been providing in-depth coverage of telecoms longer than pretty much anyone else in the country – and they reckon competition among the mobile operators has reached unprecedented levels. The price war sparked by Cell C has delivered a huge increase in traffic (predictably – drop the cost, people buy more). … Read more

Arthur Goldstuck: Low-cost smartphones changing the playing field in SA

As the face of the global environment is changed by smartphones, so too is the face of Africa and the way in which it interacts with technology. Although South Africa has one of the most advanced financial sectors on the African continent, it does not have the highest smartphone and internet penetration on the continent. … Read more

Schindehutte resigns: no place for CFO in Telkom Dream Team

Telkom’s Jacques Schindehutte saga has finally ended. It was announced today that the suspended former CFO had resigned and left the building. Some months back, my reading was that he had backed the wrong horse in supporting the proposal to sell a chunk of the business to the Koreans. That gave him little chance of integrating … Read more