SA economy in danger of missing global upswing – but it’s not too late

During the tough times, things are never quite as bad as they are painted. But living in the middle of it,  one sometimes needs a voice of reason to provide perspective. In this special podcast, Futuregrowth’s Zain Wilson plays part, offsetting the deepest concerns of pessimists without becoming a senseless Pollyanna. So, yes, we’re technically … Read more

Note to self: Read the Constitution. Again.

A young man emailed last week vigorously objecting to my criticism of a Cabinet Minister, something which he believes I have no right to do. Not by a long chalk is it the first critical note my work has evoked. Nor will it be the last. But it triggered thoughts about how different this country … Read more

Our upgraded data pages – check out JSE Share Price Action

In The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway describes how a man goes bankrupt – gradually, then suddenly. I’ve found it to be the same cycle when growing a business. One progresses gradually and then with a surge that takes time to digest. Today is one of those “suddenly” moments for Biznews. Thanks to the sponsorship … Read more

Gareth Cliff

Andrew Donaldson: Real reason Gareth Cliff’s TV show tanked

I like Gareth Cliff, find him smart and innovative, and loved his open letter to the ANC. But mine is increasingly a minority view. After a bright start, his Cliff Central has stuttered. Getting dropped by the Comedy Central TV channel after two months wouldn’t have been part of the game plan. But cheer up … Read more

Rupert, Zuma agree: Late Maties rector Botman was one of good guys

The passing of Stellenbosch University’s vice chancellor and rector Prof H Russel Botman (61) has evoked considerable reaction. He died in his sleep on Friday night.  He joined the university in 2000 and had held what is effectively the post of CEO for the past seven years. The university’s chancellor, Richemont chairman Johann Rupert described Botman … Read more

AMCU members will work over a decade to recoup their sacrificed pay

  By Alec Hogg  A quarter million metal sector workers are determined to evoke the same kind of punishment on employers as followers of charismatic  Joseph Mathunjwa did to the platinum companies. Before the NUMSA members kick back next Tuesday, one hopes someone will help them to look past the rhetoric. Lengthy strikes rarely benefit … Read more

Slipping the destructive grip of living in the past

I received a good fix of Afro-Optimism yesterday. Breakfast with a good friend who’s having fun building a business north of the Limpopo. Among the benefits, he says, is how those he works with don’t see skin colour, just the skills he brings. That was followed by an interview with one of the US’s top … Read more

My worst property mistake – bad agent, panicky banker

Marika Sboros’s excellent q&a with the inimitable Prof Tim Noakes is presently all the rage on Biznews. Rightly so, as it gives the deep thinking doctor an opportunity to address growing criticism of his best selling book. Another story that’s generated a lot of attention is Jackie Cameron’s mea culpa on her property mistakes. Interest … Read more

Hands off Clayton Christensen, Miss Lepore

Some might say Clayton Christensen (62), the father of disruptive theory, had it coming. The Harvard professor who twice topped the Thinkers50’s biennial table of the world’s best business minds, is not one for pulling punches. Over the last couple years he has been swinging at his own profession through persistent warnings that academia must … Read more