Welcome Cell C, Mobile Market Disruptor-in-Chief. At last.

The directors at Vodacom must be kicking themselves for not ensuring founding CEO Alan Knott-Craig was kept in permanent retirement. He  has become their worst nightmare. Just 20 months after joining Saudi-owned Cell-C, Knott-Craig’s perseverance is turning SA’s cosy cell phone duopoly on its head. Investors knocked R40bn off the value of Vodacom and MTN … Read more

Drift – the cancer quietly eating away at SA, while we fail to pay attention

If I were ever to leave the entrepreneurial way and re-enter corporate life, Johann Redelinghuys is the man I’d ask to help open the right doors. Johann, an industrial psychologist and partner at Heidrick & Struggles, is the country’s top “headhunter”. We’ve known each other for a long time. So when he invited us to … Read more

Bezos approach to newspaper business – focus on readers. Rocket science not.

My latest Rational Alternative column for the Financial Mail provided the opportunity for some navel gazing. That’s not terribly comfortable when you’re in an industry experiencing the sharp end of economist Joseph Schumpeter’s theory of Creative Destruction. But in every collapse, opportunities do emerge. So those of us in the mire seek inspiration from creative … Read more

The ingrained Law of Reciprocation – a Solomonite dilemma for our modern age

I love writing a weekly column for the Financial Mail. It is a licence to challenge aspects of business life we all recognise are important, but don’t necessarily have time to think about. It also allows me to express rational opinions on subjects often too thorny for polite conversation. Like this week’s one on reciprocity. … Read more