Tito Mboweni may be your landlord; chairs R6bn company which owns Fourways Mall, lists next month

Tzaneen’s most famous son, Tito Mboweni, has been making some serious business waves since leaving his Governorship of the SA Reserve Bank. ANC stalwart Mboweni, who chairs JSE-listed gold major Anglogold Ashanti and energy prospector Sacoil, will be expanding his listed company portfolio on December 12  Accelerate Property Fund makes its JSE debut. Recently formed, … Read more

CEO Louw’s twenty million reasons for selling Adcock to Chileans won’t register with the only shareholder who now counts

Since Monday’s publication of my Undictated column in Business Day, there’s been interesting feedback. One group supports the view that a great South African asset shouldn’t be sold to a relatively small family-owned Chilean outfit just because it hasn’t been well managed. On the other hand, the “Sell” camp are upset at me suggesting a … Read more

Learning from my daughter’s awful experience: why people management skills have gotten worse since Financial Crisis

Done properly, management is one of the most honourable of professions. Right up there alongside nursing and teaching. Because the right kind of manager gets to help others. Full time. Coaching. Teasing out hidden talent. Identifying and untapping potential where less patient beings will only see problems. But bad managers are among the most destructive … Read more

Transcript of the CFR/Adcock Ingram media conference – 15 November 2013

15 November 2013 Khotso Mokhele: My name is Khotso Mokhele. I stand here in my capacity as Chairperson of the board of Adcock Ingram. And it is indeed a pleasure and a privilege for me to stand here in front of you today. I want to particular express my appreciation. I did not know that journalists … Read more

Turning AECI’s Modderfontein into Manhattan? Joburg’s Chinese Emerald City is more pie than sky

South Africa seems to be going through the kind of carpet-bagging phase the Southern States of the US experienced after the American Civil War. Any number of snake oil salesmen have been breezing through with wild promises sucked up by gullible locals. Latest in this vein, perhaps, is the astonishing claims surrounding JSE-listed AECI’s apparent … Read more

SA swoons for R13bn platinum mine promoter Robert Friedland; Steve Jobs warned he’s a con man, charlatan

Mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland is, well, interesting. Listed by Forbes magazine as a billionaire with $1.15bn net worth, Ivanhoe Mining’s founder attracts controversy like horses do flies. A brief Google search uncovers a two year jail sentence for drug dealing; an early US project still ranked the country’s worst contaminator; and, more recently, news of … Read more