Why Allan Thomson resigned from the JSE

Looking back, Allan Thomson admits he was “incredibly stupid” and admits to being caught up in the chase – he is well aware of JSE’s rules about trading.

Byron Nichles

ARB Holdings: An unappreciated electrical wholesaling jewel

By Alec Hogg MOOI RIVER – A good friend involved in a listed industrial group put me onto one of the exciting stocks to be featured in our show tonight. As you can’t beat an endorsement from a competitor, when he started waxing lyrical about Durban-headquartered ARB Group my ears flickered. OK, not really, but … Read more

Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2011: The twin demons called Arrogance and Complacency

By Alec Hogg OMAHA – It’s part of the human condition to offer advice. We all do it, even though our suggestions would be better left unsaid. But occasionally one does get advice that can be used to our advantage long after the initial conversation. Such pearls are to be treasured. Last weekend reminded me … Read more


Travis John Hogg

My son Travis John Hogg died in May 2008. His passing was a mystery to the Irish coroner whose lengthy investigation and inquest ended with a verdict of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – the grown-up version of the better known but equally mysterious “cot death”. Travis left a huge hole in many lives. Losing a … Read more

Allan Gray, Gijima AST and The Law of Unintended Consequences

Just as well that before entering the birth canal, none of us know the hand we’ll be dealt. Some have the good fortune to find themselves surrounded by wealth, others are conceived by paupers. But no matter how one starts out, when it ends all we really possess is our reputation.

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Bursting AST’s Bubble

In most walks of life, optimism is good. Not so in business, where “good news” filters can be terminal. Those at the top need factual information, warts and all. Without it, executives put themselves at risk every time they open their mouths in public.

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Revisiting “Shame on you, Mark Shuttleworth” 13 years later

By my calculations, I’ve written something approaching 15 000 articles in three decades as a journalist. Of those, only a few stay fresh in the memory because of the reaction they generated. This piece, written almost 13 years ago, was easily the most commented-on article during my 15 year custodianship of Moneyweb. I’m still not … Read more