Farewell Benjamin Mophatlane, BCX chief’s legacy runs deep

By Alec Hogg Benjamin Mophatlane, who celebrated his 41st birthday exactly a month ago, has passed away. He suffered a heart attack. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Abbie, twin brother Isaac and the rest of the Mophatlane family. Ben was one of the good guys. The really good guys. He was a deep … Read more

Eight stocks still offering value on overcooked JSE

By Alec Hogg  After spending a day listening to some of SA’s smartest money managers, as I did yesterday, you’d be hard pressed to retain any money in JSE-listed shares. All the owner/managers of boutique shops in the Met CI universe said local shares are expensive. They have their highest liquidity positions in years. But … Read more

Front row seat in battle of Talent and Capital – Daily Newsletter

Hi there, During the next two days I’ll be getting a front row seat in an event highlighting one of the major trends sweeping the world. It’s facilitating a series of panels for the Met CI annual event showing off its partnerships with investment boutiques – the preferred route for many of the best money … Read more

How Platinum strikers have managed to keep going – Daily Newsletter

Hi there, The five month platinum strike has confounded the pundits. The old book of rules is being ripped to shreds. A new normal beckons. By now, cash-strapped workers should have long capitulated. Yet the strike continues. How? Two things make it possible. Around 20% of the strikers have resigned, triggering the cashing in of … Read more

Sell after May and go away? – Daily Newsletter

Hi there, Among my privileges is serving Scouts SA, introduced to the board by “Mr Scouting”, the late Garnet de la Hunt. Yesterday afternoon was spent with trustees of the Foundation, the movement’s endowment portfolio. The portfolio has been fully invested in JSE shares for some years. As a result, the portfolio has grown handsomely … Read more

Greater State intervention – prosperity for whom? – Daily Newsletter

Hi there, Research last week introduced me to Colonel Edward Harwood, one of the few to warn fellow Americans ahead of the 1929 Crash. Among other achievements, he founded the non-profit American Institute of Economic Research in 1933. It survives to this day, best known for its Everyday Price Index, for many the most realistic … Read more

Fancy buying a share for 20c in each rand’s worth of value? – Daily Newsletter

Hi there, Everyone loves a bargain. Except in the share market. Shareholders are never happier than when recently bought counters rise in value. Or more miserable than when the price falls. Which is actually completely irrational. Investment means taking a longer-term view. The less you pay for something today, the greater its return will translate … Read more