Is there substance to a “Just Transition”? COP27

We are the ones that have infused the word “just” into the phrase “Just Transition“. There is a huge element of justice to be considered as we didn’t cause the climate crisis. Africa cannot leapfrog to Net Zero, we have to have something to transition from and right now we know that more than half a billion people do not have access to any form of energy. Africa must continue to develop with its God-given resources while it transitions.

Excerpts from the interview with Professor Vincent Nmehielle

Responsibility of the West for the climate crisis

We are the ones who are infusing the word “just” into the transition equation. Why? Because we believe that Africa cannot just leapfrog without any form of looking back. We have to transition where there is already something. How do you transition when there is nothing? If you have to transition, there is an element of justice that needs to be considered, because the so-called West has polluted the entire world. 

Africa has signed the Paris Agreement. However, it is a process whereby you make moves based on your needs. We want to transition, but we must look into the ability of Africa to continue to develop using the resources that God has given us. 

The decommissioning of coal 

As much as we don’t want to use coal, Africa was given the chance to use other resources it has, while moving towards the goal of achieving net zero. But transitioning will take a long time.  

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