Mailbox: Face masks contribute to the wealth of scumbags

BizNews welcomes contributions on a diverse range of topics. In this article, Georg Gultig takes aim at politicians who are acting like “half-wits” and explains why he refuses to wear a face mask.

By George Gultig*

George Gultig

It’s almost a month ago that the ANC re-introduced the ban on alcohol sales throughout the country (the ban on cigarettes has remained on-going since 27 March) and despite peaceful demonstrations by those people most affected, neither the party nor its President have batted an eye-lid and appear to suffer from a kind of deafness that allows them to hear the opposite of what’s said. They’re acting like half-wits and I’m only hoping they’ll keep the other half at bay or something terrible is bound to happen. They are doggedly pursuing their dictum and objective – The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing – and that is steal as much as you can whilst there is something to steal.

What is also disturbing is that the jury is still out on whether the wearing of sanitation masks helps to reduce the spreading of the virus. Some medical experts argue it acts as a repository for germs, but whatever its true remedial purpose is, it does impair inhalation especially amongst the elderly and infirm. But then – who are they anyway!

If one is to believe what one is told or reads – that if a virus is blown up to the size of a tennis ball, a human on the same scale would be 500 miles high – what chance is there of a sanitation mask offering any protection against it at all. It would be like using wire meshing to keep out mosquitos.

I’m not trying to make light of what is a serious matter, but it strikes me that there are a variety of kowtowers- the serious-minded (who believe it will curb the spread of the virus), the law-abiders (afraid they’ll be prosecuted), the fashion seekers (one need only look at the array of masks available to be worn), the felonious section of humanity (for whom they are admirably suited), the conformists (self-explanatory), and most important of all those who stand to profit out of its mandatory imposition, namely the manufacturers and distributors with the right political connections.

I for one am a conformist but have no intention of ever buying one as I would be contributing to the wealth of scumbags who use the pandemic to enrich themselves. The two masks in my possession were given to me by concerned friends.

  • George Gultig describes himself as a retired SADF member and octogenarian trying to avoid the approaching stages of incoherence associated with dementia by keeping up with what’s happening in our country, for whom so many gave their lives. “The attached pic was taken in Jan 2019 aboard MSC Musica with the most beautiful mountain and city in the world as background.”
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