Sad SAs speak: The ANC leaves us no choice…we have to emigrate! #2020

Protests in Senekal on farm murders have once again brought the topic of emigration to the fore. In ‘Senekal protests: What they’re telling us about farm murders, land grabs, emigration – analyst’, Michael Morris of the IRR discusses the potentially devastating impact of farmers leaving South Africa.

“Two truths are plain. The first is that South Africa’s hopes of economic recovery hinge on farmers not going anywhere, and the same is true of every other loyal, enterprising and law-abiding category of the populace. The second is that, as long as it is resolved to threaten property, or tell farmers they are not welcome, the ANC is assured that its hopes of recovery will not go anywhere either – and, it inevitably follows, the same is true of its own fate as an effective presence in South African politics.”

In ‘Emigration alarm: SA’s rich get set to leave in droves – IRR‘, Gerbrandt van Heerden writes that dollar millionaires are already leaving South Africa at a steady rate. “Not only does this represent a loss in tax terms, as the rich take their investments and money elsewhere, but it points to what could be a worrisome trend; the exodus of elites before complete economic and social collapse in countries which ended up becoming failed states.”

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This harsh reality has a few BizNews community members blaming the ANC for pushing citizens away with poor and corrupt governance.

So many superbly skilled people (of all races) have left. The first thing they appreciate when emigrating is how other countries welcome and value them – something they have not experienced in SA for a long time. Once they settle, many go on to start companies and create jobs. South Africa desperately needs these people yet we hand them over to countries that don’t really need them on a platter. These countries must think we are mad and they are right.”

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“When you see the indifference to this as well as the hell bent intention to institute EWC you have to believe that it is in fact ANC policy to make SA as unattractive as possible so that wealth, capitalist, freethinkers or ‘troublemakers’ leave.” – Oh Boy

Precisely as planned. Let’s stop make-believing that the cadres care. They do not, it is all by design.” –

The ANC et al want a communist type state that is undemocratic (democracy is an odious western construct). They want this so that they can have an elite that can loot and steal without accountability and keep the masses oppressed and poor.”

Regrettably, the ANC think that you have to break the economy totally in order to transform. They are breaking the economy and producing less transformation, just corruption.”

Emigration a ‘warning sign’

“‘The exodus of the rich and the skilled should serve as the first warning sign of a country heading towards collapse.’ Unfortunately South Africa is ‘governed’ by a collective too stupid to recognise this,” says

Of the protests in Senekal, 

“The Senekal protests are much more than white farmers protesting about a targeted campaign of eradication. It is a statement that the pressure is building in South African society, with thinkers of all races coming to the conclusion that democracy will not solve the problems that have been caused by the ANC. The cauldron is heating, much more rapidly every day, and soon will boil over. Ramaphosa and his inadequate dreams for the country, conceived without an understanding of what the people – all of them – and the country need, will not defuse this explosive mix. The State does not have the power to damp the flames of revolution, and it appears likely that the situation will soon get out of control if that point is not already here.

The only solution to the problems is for the ANC to gain a realistic appreciation of what has gone wrong, and why, and then to start correcting those problems. This is not rocket science – you need only read the comments to articles such as this – but it will be painful for Ramaphosa and his cohorts in the ANC, who conceived the master plan prior to 1994, and then proceeded to loot the Whites, spreading their tentacles to all citizens, with no aim other than to enrich themselves, regardless of the effects to the country. The day of reckoning seems to be not far away, and the ineffectual flailing of Ramaphosa and his like-minded ‘advisors’, hoping to make a change without changing anything of importance, will not put it off for much longer. One can only hope, probably in vain, that the revelations of the Zondo Commission will result in real change, before the angry multitude decide to storm the Bastille.”

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There are also those who disagree with Van Heerden’s points.

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