Paul O’Sullivan: Lucky Montana – a professional criminal & a liar – And what of Major General Khana?

Forensics for Justice founder Paul O’Sullivan recently said that he will never rest, until the corrupt criminals in South Africa see justice. Continuing his valiant fight, O’Sullivan writes to Shannon Van Vuuren, Legal Advisor at The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. With Tshepo Lucky Montana, CEO of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa and others in his cross hairs, he points out that some corrupt individuals are using social media platforms to undermine the Zondo Commission. He adds that Montana is attempting to deflect blame in corruption at Prasa on to others, while the system that is supposed to bring him to book has all but collapsed. Below is a comprehensive list of the individuals whom O’Sullivan is fighting to bring to justice and evidence he has brought to the Commission’s attention. Melani Nathan

From Paul O’Sullivan*

Dear Shannon,

Firstly all the best for 2021. We hope that the work of the Commission will help bring many of the criminal we have exposed, to justice this year. As you know we at Forensics for Justice have freely given of our time and resources to assist the Commission since its inception.

We continue with this assistance, by bringing to the Commission’s attention a fact that has not gone unnoticed by us, namely that Mr Tshepo Lucky MontanaMontana’ is busy with a criminally strategic campaign, to not only undermine the Commission, but also to bring it to its knees by overwhelming it with completely irrelevant false allegations.

You are requested to place this communication before Deputy Chief Justice Zondo, as South Africans cannot stand idly by whilst criminals undermine the work of the Commission.

Forensics for Justice wish to alert the Commission’s Chairman to the devious games being played out by corruption accused (erstwhile CEO of PRASA) Lucky Montana. His chosen method of lies and campaign of defamation and vilification is Twitter, a social media platform that pretty much allows anyone to launch fraudulent campaigns, even insurrections and war, without (Twitter) lifting a finger to stop it, until after the event. The recent unrest in the US is a prime example of the danger of Twitter, who blatantly ignore national and international law. It is why I refuse to engage with or use social media.

In the case of Montana, Twitter have given him a free (uncensored) platform, to unlawfully attempt to deflect attention away from his very own criminal conduct. Lack of censorship is dangerous when criminals are allowed to attack the integrity of government minsters, lawfully established Commissions of Enquiry and those that carried out the investigations against them, which includes not only ourselves, but PRASA and Werksmans.

Montana is currently attempting to convince those gullible enough to believe him, that he has been unlawfully denied the right to give testimony at the Zondo Commission.

Nothing can be further from the truth and the Commission should come right out and tell it the way it is. However, Forensics for Justice will point out the obvious, because we cannot stand idly by and watch the Commission be trashed by criminals, as has now become the practice it seems.

As I have it, Montana and his lawyer found what can best be described as a technical defect in the papers served on him last year by the Commission and waited until the very day that Montana was supposed to appear in front of the Commission and then raised this, along with the fact that Montana’s own papers were in complete disarray. Furthermore, rather than simply respond to the factual allegations made against him, Montana has ‘issued’ for want of a better word, thousands and thousands of pages of diatribe contained within no fewer than 32 ‘bundles’ of documents of dishonest garbage to the Zondo Commission, under the guise that he wants to expose corruption at PRASA, committed by others, according to him. To show how ‘sincere’ he is in exposing corruption by all, except him, he then publishes the index to his 32 bundles, in a further display of arrogant contempt for the Commission:

Montana’s social media lies include that his affidavit should be admitted as ‘evidence’. His affidavit is certainly NOT evidence. It’s nothing more than his dishonest version of events, wherein he attacks all those that have exposed his criminal conduct. I have seen his submission and have submitted an affidavit of my own to counter his lies and have also applied for permission to cross examine him at the Zondo Commission, so that he can be truly exposed for what he is.

If Montana does testify and Forensics for Justice are granted permission to cross examine him, we sincerely expect to wipe the floor with him and expose him for the criminal he is.

We have repeatedly gone on record stating that the Zondo Commission is ONLY necessary because of the complete collapse of the criminal justice system, due to it having been captured by criminals loyal to Zuma. To put it simply, as is clear from my own factual submission to the Commission, if it were not for the capture of the Criminal Justice System in South Africa, All those now playing cat-and-mouse games with the Commission would have been in prison a long time ago and State Capture as we know it, would never have become part of our modern vocabulary.

Perversely so, the Commission therefore owes its very existence to dirty cops and prosecutors, whom I have repeatedly named, but seem to be able to shy away from attending at the Commission to explain their respective roles in bringing the country to its knees.

We attach a single page snap-shot (produced way back in 2017 and published as part of a joint Forensics for Justice/Afriforum report titled “Joining the Dots”) of just how, why and who was involved in the capture of the criminal justice system. In that snap-shot we list the names of the criminal underworld near and dear to then State President, Jacob Zuma. It is also clear to us that large sums of cash, running into hundreds of millions of Rand alone, just from the more than R4bn stolen through Montana’s corrupt and ruthless reign at PRASA, found its way back to Zuma and the ANC coffers.

The Commission, if it exposes nothing else, should expose these facts, so that Lucky Montana and his criminal accomplices can finally have their date with justice, which they have been protected from for more than 6 years.

It was the unlawful of protection of those criminals, like Montana, Myeni, Molefe, the Gupta family, that led to Zuma and his cronies commencing a conspiracy as far back as 2012, to systematically neutralise and ‘capture’ the criminal justice system. Their level of success can be seen by the fact that such people, including Montana, who should have already been on trial five years ago, are free to undermine the Zondo Commission in any which way they can. In the case of Montana, he does so using the physical address of a property which he unlawfully purchased with the proceeds of crime, using funds corruptly paid to him by a corruptly appointed PRASA contractor. The same contractor fleeced R4bn out of PRASA and utilised a good chunk of that cash, by way of a secret quid pro quo, to channel hundreds of millions of the stolen Billions, to those near and dear to Zuma, for onward transmission to both Zuma and the ANC.

Montana’s dishonest complaint against Justice Zondo, was, quite rightly DISMISSED by the Judicial Conduct Committee in July last year. It is a sad irony that Montana still lives in a house he bought with the proceeds of crime. This says volumes about a captured Police, Hawks, NPA and Asset Forfeiture Unit, which for the most part remains captured or eviscerated to this very day.

In 2020, when Montana realised the writing was on the wall for his years of crime and that he would finally be called to account, he started getting desperate, which is why, following his failed attempt to undermine the Commission in July 2020, Montana in November 2020, got a Twitter account up and running, to publish his carefully conceived campaign of vilification and defamation, to attempt to turn the court of public opinion in his favour, whilst unlawfully undermining the Commission of Enquiry.

To be clear, I am 100% certain that Montana NEVER intended to give testimony at the Commission. He needs to be summonsed, not to give testimony, but to answer some very pertinent questions, concerning the unlawful contracts with both Siyangena and Swifambo Rail and the subsequent flow of funds to himself, Zuma and the ANC.

His thousands of pages of diatribe, need to be treated with the utter contempt they deserve. If the Commission was to properly consider all his lies, it would add a further two to three years to the life of the Commission. Clearly not a wise use of tax-payer funds.

Major General Alfred Khana

Last week, I made it clear that the following persons (which includes Montana) should be brought to book for their crimes against the State:

I will put the following persons on terms, that I will NEVER rest, until they have seen justice:

Government/ Government owned enterprises

Jacob Zuma
Nkosinathi Nhleko
David Mahlobo
Dudu Myeni
Lucky Montana
Edward Zuma (product of statutory rape by his father on a schoolgirl in Swaziland)
Yusuf Kajee

In the NPA or ex-NPA

Shawn Abrahams
Nomgcobo Jiba
Lawrence Mrwebi
Tori Pretorius
George Baloyi
Sello Maema
Sibongile Mzinyathi
Molatlhwa Mashuga
Jabulani Mlotshwa

In the SAPS or ex-SAPS

Johannes Phahlane – on trial already
Vineshkumar Moonoo
Berning Ntlemeza
Prince Mokotedi
Jan Mabula – on trial already
Clifford Kgorane – on trial already
Pharasa Ncube
Ismail Dawood – on trial already
Amod Hoosen
Eugene Pitout
Sibonisile Mkupa
Thembikaya Mangqalaza
Jacobus Vlok – on trial already

Criminals who assisted by making fake cases against me at the instance of dirty cops

Dudu Myeni (again)
Johannes Phahlane & Jan Mabula (again)
Vineshkumar Moonoo (again)
Cora van der Merwe
Alice Johnston – since convicted of fraud and sentenced to 7 years in prison
Douglas Fliess
Neil Diamond

Media Quislings

Sunday Times
Carte Blanche
Poloko Tau
Anthony Beamish

Interestingly, SANEF who two years ago, appointed themselves to investigate the rotten journalism in South Africa, having protected it for many years, have yet to make public their findings.


I won’t name them here.

They know who they are.

They are totally dishonest and have been knowingly living off the proceeds of crime for many years.

I will do what I can lawfully do to ensure they spend time in prison with their clients.

Without these dirty lawyers, the scourge of crime in South Africa would have been less.

Obviously it would be impossible for all of them to be called to book at the Commission. If the Criminal Justice System is cleaned up, their prosecutions would automatically follow, because we have opened criminal cases, replete with prima facie evidence against all of them and continue to line others up for Police/NPA attention.

I made a very important omission to the list of police officials mentioned above. There had to be a lot of police officials missing from the list, or the list would have been far too long.

However, one of the missing names was extremely important and needs to receive special attention now:

Major General Alfred Khana.

In this regard I attach a copy of the letter of then PRASA Chairman, Popo Molefe, dated 2016-02-13, addressed to unlawfully appointed Head of DPCI (Hawks) Berning Ntlemeza. So that the scale of the relevance of the said letter is not lost on the Commission, I wish to draw specific attention to the following important extracts:

In his letter aforesaid, Popo Molefe also referred to a letter addressed to Major General Khana, from Marth Ngoye, the then Group Legal Executive of PRASA, dated 2016-11-25. An important extract of that letter follows:

The relevance hereof is two fold.

Firstly, that I committed vast sums of my own monies, to support Forensics for Justice in pursuing the criminal charges against Lucky Montana, whilst simultaneously preventing PRASA, through a threat of an urgent application from paying a further more than R300m to Siyangena, which would have amounted to a further R300m to be added to the R4Bn already stolen. In so doing, I saved the tax-payer more than R300Mn. Not a small number. I was subsequently offered a R50m bribe to withdraw my criminal complaint and apologise to both Montana and Siyangena’s owner Mario Ferreira. Needless to say, I did not succumb.

Secondly, as a result of Popo Molefe’s letter aforesaid, two significant events took place:

  1. I was arrested that very same night, by corrupt cops, who are now on trial for various serious offences, as part of a general strategy to silence me, endorsed by unlawfully appointed head of the Hawks, Berning Ntlemeza and unlawfully appointed acting Chief of Police Johannes Phahlane.
  2. Popo Molefe and the whole board of PRASA were summarily dismissed, to cause a cessation of further investigations. This is adequately covered on our website.

None of the above is co-incidence, it joins the dots on an elaborate conspiracy to not only capture the criminal justice system, but also to to keep criminals, near and dear to Jacob Zuma, or financially supporting Jacob Zuma, out of prison.

As such, and this is the crux of the message of Forensics for Justice to the Chair of the Commission:

A. Lucky Montana must NOT be allowed to undermine the Commission by raising thousands of pages of irrelevant and dishonest red-herring submissions, which if allowed to continue will effectively divert the Commission from exposing Montana’s role in stealing billions from, and bankrupting PRASA.

B. Major General Alfred Khana, should be held criminally liable for single handedly keeping Montana and his accomplices out of prison, thereby covering up the money-laundering trail to Jacob Zuma and the ANC, out of the proceeds of crime stolen from PRASA.

I do hope that the Chair will be able to not only take cognisance of what I have said here, but also to take direct steps to act on my suggestions by hauling Montana and Khana before the Commission to explain their sordid criminal conduct.

Interestingly, our own life-style audit of Khana, clearly shows a man that lives without any credit lines and owns, together with his wife, two properties in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, fully paid up with no bonds and no outstanding finance on his luxury car. Itself a consideration for further investigation into the lifestyle of a career cop, who seems to have no requirement for credit in any form since 2016.

Back to Montana:

I should mention that Montana has repeatedly vilified me over the last five years, following historical examples set by the likes of Jackie Selebi, Radovan Krejcir, George Barkhuizen, Johannes Phahlane, Berning Ntlemeza, Antonio Trindade, Robert Kanarak, Piet du Plessis, Prince Mokotedi many of whom have used tax-payer funds, or the proceeds of crime, to get me off their tail and repeatedly failed. When they failed they came with more than sixty trumped up charges and six failed malicious criminal trials to silence me, and failed there too.

Its now my turn to visit justice on them and the Commission has an important role to play, if not a duty, to support me in exposing the dark underbelly of state capture.

The only reasons I have not issued a summons against Montana are:

  • He would be using the proceeds of crime and dirty lawyers, to defend himself against my claims.
  • My eventual defamation claim win, would result in a completely hollow judgment, because by then Montana would be in prison and his assets would have been seized by a, hopefully by then, uncaptured Asset Forfeiture Unit.

Finally, I wish to make it clear that Forensics for Justice will continue, without fear, favour or prejudice with our anti-corruption work, until the Criminal Justice System is 100% uncaptured and the criminals in the police, Hawks, NPA and intelligence services we have identified, have all been brought to book.

We have been exposing corruption long before the Commission came into being and expect we will be at it long after the life of the Commission has come to a natural end. We have paid a very high personal price for our work, but remain resolute that we will finish what we started all those years ago.

Food for thought:

Twitter have not only assisted Montana and his accomplices, they allegedly assisted Trump in an attempt at insurrection on Capital Hill in Washington DC last week. What will happen when the people of South Africa finally discover they have been hoodwinked by the government for more than a decade and vote a new government in? Will twitter help create insurrection in South Africa, to keep a corrupt government in power? The Commission can help ensure that the criminal psychopaths who want to create division and insurrection in South Africa do not succeed.

As always, we tender our full assistance to the Commission, should it be needed and wish it well in helping to close a disastrous chapter in the history of our beautiful country.

Best wishes,

Paul O’Sullivan CFE

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