On-demand service delivery: Checkers Sixty60 vs Pick n Pay asap! Which is better?

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated fundamental shifts in a number of different industries. One of these fundamental shifts has been online retail, whether food or discretionary, which has increased by a multiple of what it was pre-pandemic. In this interesting piece below, My Broadband test out the effectiveness of two of South Africa’s most popular on-demand service deliveries, Checkers Sixty60 and Pick n Pay asap! The results are very impressive, with both the pricing points and timing of delivery being prompt. It would have been interesting to include Woolworths on-demand service delivery, Woolies Dash, although the pricing points would’ve been very different. Although there will always be space for brick and mortar retail, the online space will continue to grow and revolutionise the shopping experience due to its convenience and ease. First published on MyBroadband. – Justin Rowe-Roberts

Checkers Sixty60 versus Pick n Pay asap! — impressive results

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A recent MyBroadband test of South Africa’s most popular on-demand delivery services – Checkers Sixty60 versus PnP asap! – with impressive results.

Pick n Pay rebranded and relaunched its on-demand delivery service, Bottles, to Pick n Pay asap! this month.

Pick n Pay retail executive John Bradshaw said the new PnP asap! service offers a “fresh new look and improvements with the aim of making grocery shopping easy”.

He added that the Pick n Pay asap! service is operating without any disruptions across the country, including areas affected by recent unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

To celebrate the rebranding, Pick n Pay asap! offered unlimited free deliveries on all orders in August. The usual delivery fee is R35.

Pick n Pay asap! is available in 120 stores across South Africa, with new stores added every month.

The service promises same-day delivery in as little as 60 minutes of over 10,000 products at in-store prices.

MyBroadband tested the new Pick n Pay asap! app and compared it to Checkers Sixty60, the benchmark for on-demand grocery deliveries in South Africa.

For this test, MyBroadband ordered five everyday items through Pick n Pay asap! and Checkers Sixty60 – 2 litre Coke, 2 litre Clover milk, Sasko white bread, 500g Selati Sugar, and Lays 140g chips.

To compare the two on-demand grocery services, we looked at the total basket price and delivery time.

The results were impressive. The app prices were in line with in-store prices, and delivery was much quicker than expected.

Both Pick n Pay asap! and Checkers Sixty60 delivered the products in less than 40 minutes – the top-end of their promised performance.

It was definitely quicker to buy groceries through these on-demand delivery services, and get it delivered to your home, than driving to the shop and buying it yourself.

This test confirmed that Pick n Pay asap! and Checkers Sixty60 are delivering world-class services to South Africans and are removing the need to do grocery shopping in person.

These two services have also set the benchmark for other retailers who want to enter the on-demand grocery shopping market. Unless they can deliver groceries within an hour, they will struggle to compete.

Checkers Sixty60 versus Pick n Pay asap!

The table below provides an overview of the price and delivery time of Checkers Sixty60 and Pick n Pay asap!.

The performance of these two services was so close that it was not possible to select a winner.

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