The BizNews tribe has spoken: Rob Hersov turns talk into action

Rob Hersov joined Alec Hogg of BizNews to share his practical solution “to save South Africa from the ANC,” as he puts it. Aside from extreme praise and death threats, Hersov has also received criticism for being “all talk and no action” following his latest scathing accusations against the corrupt ANC. In response, and because of his passion to see South Africa succeed, he has launched a decentralised autonomous organisation called New South, which has already gained 12,000 members in the four days since the blockchain-supported platform was launched.

On what he’s got up his sleeve

Community members of BizNews voiced relief and support in the prospect of implementing real change in South Africa through Hersov’s new initiative, New South

Philip said; “Rob, I think decentralisation is a good solution to many global conundrums as well as the steady decline in South Africa. Blockchain could be the answer. You are truly revolutionary and I could never understand why people, specifically big business, don’t stand up for the injustice of the tragic decline in our beautiful country.”

Humphry Hamilton said; “Hersov is doing good, he is voicing the dissatisfaction and he is doing it without attracting the usual racist barbs from the ANC, etc. He can probably take some credit for that but more likely his timing is good and the ANC are now seeing themselves as a failure and they don’t have a riposte.”

Thomas Jackson said; “Bottom up model to organisational efficiency is the only way forward in South Africa.”

Lisha Raghubir said; “Great movement and time we stand up to make South Africa the beautiful place it is”

Johan Weakley said; “This government must GO, but they won’t. They will only be removed with force, as unpopular as that may sound. These ANC criminals will still be in power in 2050 if the SA population does not resort to extreme civil disobedience measures, mark my words. This is just an honest observation, looking at the toxic mess the ANC has made out of SA. I am grateful for RHs energy and sophisticated input. We need this level of thinking and sophistry to maybe negotiate another way.”

Ian Overll said; “I watch literally most of Rob Hersov’s interviews on a regular basis now. It is time many of us SA people stood up and moved our country in the right direction 🙏”

Tiki Knoll said; “Brilliant idea 👏”

Basil Todd said; “Thank you Rob for your passion, courage and commitment to this awesome project, I support you and this project 💯 let’s make it happen…”

Marianne de Kock said; “Finally!  Thank you Mr. Rob Hersov. You give up hope to stand up and fight back to what is wrong and what is right.  South Africa needs more men like you to protect women and children. We need men like you to take control and give us the protection we need!! Thank you for not giving up on us.”

Warriors 4 God said; “Lets get behind him, he is one of the few with guts and courage of his conviction, share the website with friends. If you do nothing you are guaranteed to get exactly what you expected – nothing.”

Doubt on Hersov’s pipe dream

Many members of the BizNews tribe are unable to separate Hersov’s history within South Africa’s political realm with his new venture for a truly corruption-free South Africa. 

Greville Wood said; “If we don’t solve poverty the engineering way through developing production first then business plans second, as all industry develops before 2035, business as we know it in SA will be over, irrespective what Hersov says. Rapidly expanding SA’s economy under present circumstances, even if Government is prepared to do so, which they are not, will still leave the vast majority of young black people unemployed as businessmen cannot create industry.”

Brick Topp said; “Rob sounds fatigued, agitated, depressed and on the verge of self-destruction. Will be interesting to see how he takes what he gives.”

louissay said; “Just talk. No action. Too little, too late…🤦🏿‍♂️”

Sipho Maduna said; “Black people have been impoverished by colonialism and Apartheid, Rob, not the ANC. The ANC has only failed to correct the injustices of the past that are still deeply embedded into our society, economy, politics, education, justice system, healthcare, culture, religion/spirituality, etc.”

shotofhealth said; “The “” site doesn’t say who is behind the website – why not? Why hide the origins of it? Rob Hersov is not the saviour you all think he is.”

BanditZA said; “You guys should think before you push this junk. I actually understand Blockchain and right now this is so light on details. 99% of blockchain use cases are better served with a SQL db”

Charmaine Edwards Crundwell

 said; “The ANC started like this ……time for another ‘movement’ I think … save us from the other.”

What are your thoughts on Rob Hersov’s plan to turn talk into action? Share your views below.

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