Edward Zuma, Duduzane Zuma: Bank accounts frozen but when will they face justice? #2020

Jacob Zuma’s eldest son, Edward, was a little upset to find that his bank account had been frozen when he walked into a Durban branch of FNB. The bank accounts of Zuma’s siblings, Duduzane and Dudu Zuma, had also been closed.

This development is good news for South Africa, with President Cyril Ramaphosa promising to take action against corruption. As BizNews editor Jackie Cameron writes, both Duduzane and Edward have appeared regularly in news headlines for dodgy money dealings. Duduzane was also employed by the Gupta family, and Edward Zuma has been a key figure in South Africa’s shady tobacco sector.

According to Sunday World, Zuma claimed he was never told of the bank’s intention to close his account. “I really don’t know what is happening because at no stage did the bank tell me that there was suspicious movement of money in my account,” he lamented.

Are the corrupt in South Africa finally being brought to justice?

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President Cyril Ramaphosa’s anti-corruption crackdown is certainly gathering momentum. With a number of arrests in September and literally hundreds of people under investigation at Eskom, is the corruption net finally closing?

The Zondo Commission of Inquiry continues to cast an unflattering light on the former president and his cronies, and BizNews community members couldn’t help but smile at Edward Zuma’s misfortune.

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Fantastic news, FNB! Now also please freeze the accounts of the known gangster associate and another member of the odious Zuma clan, NDZ. Investigate her and the rest of her family for suspicious deposits, the proceeds of bootleg booze and cigarette smuggling, during the lock-down.”

“Zuma should have rather banked with VBS, at least his loot would have gone to a good cause….his fellow marxist looters!” says Bill.

“Let’s hope the other banks follow suite,” agrees tongue in cheek.

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However, some community members question why the bank took so long to act.

People shouldn’t be too thrilled by FirstRand FNB’s actions as they allowed these accounts to facilitate and courier the extraction of potential ill gotten gains at the expense of the SA taxpayer for over decade now. I have sincere reservations of the actions of FNB as they are the biggest louts out there in the financial sector.”

ey seem to have taken their time. Why now – why not much sooner?”

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FNB was not exercising contractual right, but rather exercising a heavily delayed legal (ie FICA) obligation. Useless amoral and flaccid bankers, please take note. It’s now ‘OK’ to obey the law.”

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There are also those who say that FNB had no right to close Zuma’s account.

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