Hopeful SAs speak: Could Rob Hersov help get SA back from the brink?

In episode nine of The Alec Hogg Show, BizNews founder Alec Hogg sat down with Rob Hersov, a South African billionaire entrepreneur who is determined to help fix his home country.

Hersov is a wealthy private investor who founded Invest Africa and his many impressive achievements include a MBA from Harvard, and the sale of a successful private jet business to none other than Warren Buffett. He has also worked under titans of industry, including media owner Rupert Murdoch and billionaire businessman Johann Rupert.

In his interview with BizNews, Hersov described how he returned to South Africa after three decades overseas and felt a deep desire to help right the wrongs caused by a mismanaged economy. Many rich South Africans are leaving the country in droves and Hersov believes it’s time to shake up the political establishment by ejecting the ruling political party.

“I always hear people stabbing one another in the back, and to me it doesn’t make sense. We all should be focused on getting rid of the ANC, make sure the EFF doesn’t get in, and fix this country. Why fight with each other? We have a problem; it’s the ANC – let’s vote them out of power. So I’m trying to pull everyone together and make sure that they don’t stab each other in the back.”

Naturally, his views have caught the attention of a few BizNews community members. Some are cheerfully encouraging Hersov on, while others believe it’s hot air from another billionaire.

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We don’t need another hero 

Rob Hersov facebook comment

Rob Hersov facebook comment

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I salute you, Rob Hersov

Great interview! Must say, I hope he’s being pessimistic about the future we face, and that his low road can be averted. It’s so refreshing to hear someone, who presumably has the ear of those in power, loudly proclaim that the ANC really is useless, corrupt, and full of deeply unintelligent people that are unable to see past their own ideology to do what’s necessary to fix this country. I get the feeling most that could say it, don’t, or at least lessen their vitriol.”

Rob Hersov Facebook comment

The ‘Doubting Thomases’ amongst us aren’t particularly optimistic about Hersov’s chances, though.

Rob Hersov facebook comment

Interesting interview.

Inspiring first half however a disastrous second half. He personifies and stereotypes  a privileged pessimistic male who had every advantage from an apartheid government and now is a professional complainer. Why did he not try and eject the national party or have a plan to eradicate Bantu education? Can you interview him again in 2 years when we are meant to go into economic ruin and then in 4 years when we are meant to go into the ‘abyss’ and then after the 10 years of hardship.

I definitely won’t be reading his book.



The rest of us? Well, we’ll be watching this space with keen interest.

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