Meet Dr Jackie Stone, the ‘rogue’ doctor being punished for eradicating Covid-19 in Zimbabwe

Since Covid-19 became part of our everyday lives, the polarisation of scientists, doctors, families and countless formerly united fraternities has become a staple of ‘the new normal’. Frontline doctors who have served their communities and delivered appropriate medical treatment, always following the all-important principle “first, do no harm” have been sidelined as rogue, even dangerous loose cannons – simply for doing their jobs. Dr Jackie Stone, a veteran primary care physician in Zimbabwe with a profound success rate treating Covid-19, has been put through the wringer for simply doing her job excellently. BizNews spoke to Dr Stone about her stellar track record relating to the early, solution-based treatment of Covid-19 and the consequences she has had to face as a result of diverting from the globally recommended treatment protocol. Dr Stone’s story is nothing short of inspiring, but also shocking. – Nadya Swart

Excerpts from an interview with Zimbabwe doctor Jackie Stone

Dr Jackie Stone on her experience with infectious disease management

Most of my experience was in infectious disease at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, where the infection and immunity department pretty much dealt with HIV. So I was very involved with the HIV pandemic. What did I learn over that time? Well, I learned that treating patients too late and treating with single drug therapy didn’t work, it cost an arm and a leg, and meanwhile, everybody continued transmitting it. So, what did we see? We were part of the early triple therapy group. And if you listen to most doctors, Peter McCullough, Thomas Borody, all of those guys – monotherapy doesn’t work. It took us 13 years with HIV to work that out. 

And when triple therapy was rolled out, the deaths stopped. Then we got to the point where we realised that if you treat before the CD4 count drops to under 200, then you stop transmission. So, it starts to become treatment as prevention, as soon as someone’s HIV- positive, which is where we are in the HIV world. And I was working with, I went to university with one of our top HIV doctors in Zimbabwe, and in March 2020 we sat down. 

January the 30th, 2020, the virus transcript became available. It disappeared within about two or three days, but it was very clear from that transcript that it had the capsule of SARS, that it had the replication mechanism that was very similar to HIV with a very high error rate, and it also had TB like sequences, TB binding proteins in the lung, and it also had malaria like sequences. And what is interesting is that the spike protein binds to the same receptor, the CD147 receptor, as the malaria antigens bind to. So, the sludging that happens at the end is very, very like cerebral malaria. 

So, we looked at this and we went, right, we need to treat it like HIV and malaria, which means we’re going to need combination antiviral therapy and we need to hit it hard and we need to hit it early and we need to hit it with combination treatment. And just like malaria, we’re going to have to manage the viscosity of the blood. And as a group, by July 2020, August 2020, the core group was probably about five. 

So, Dr Frank Dewey was very much pro-anticoagulation. He was very aggressive with his anticoagulation and he didn’t lose a single patient. And some of his patients were saturating in the fifties and he managed them at home. One of our other doctors was very pro anti-inflammatory, so he was very keen on the colchicine, the prednisolone and the dex route. The antivirals were more the HIV doctors. We knew we needed zinc ionophores. We know zinc ionophores work against basically all RNA viruses. So we needed high levels of zinc in the cell, zinc ionophores, and then we started looking a little bit further into what was antiviral, especially after the Wagstaff paper showed that Ivermectin reduced the virus 5,000 fold. 

In addition, in London, the patients that were using silver survived and survived to the point where they got combination therapy. And, as I’ve said before, I was a very arrogant registrar in London at that stage, and I didn’t believe in any of these natural remedies that the patients were using. But those patients are still alive today to tell the story, whereas those who we gave high dose AZT to as monotherapy are not. And silver, again, came up in the 2003 Sars-CoV-1 pandemic. 

I was working in the Middle East, in Dubai, at that stage. I was part of the emergency response team and I was part of a multicultural team who didn’t just look at Western allopathic methods for treating everything. We were all Western trained; Australians, Canadians, our Indian doctors were Bath, UK trained. But we didn’t just stop at allopathic, what might work in terms of Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine. Basically when you’re faced with no options, look at all of them. But that pandemic sort of vanished overnight. And then in 2016, we started using silver in HIV here, especially for multi-drug resistant HIV. 

On spike protein disease and the effects of genetic vaccines

What kills you is not the virus. You don’t die in the first seven days. What kills you is the inflammatory response to the virus and the thrombo-embolic results of the virus. And the other thing that killed patients was that the virus, which is very like measles, suppresses your immune system while it’s replicating. And therefore, you are vulnerable to dying from a bacterial pneumonia because your natural immunity has been suppressed. So, when I think of what the spike protein does… Well, when a cell is pumping out spike protein, whether it’s the Wuhan to Delta virus variants or whether it is from a genetic injection, you’ve got a photocopier that is pumping out as many spike proteins as it can, and your entire immune system focuses on that. 

And it’s a bit like causing a divergence somewhere. Nobody notices what’s happening over there if everybody’s busy fighting that. So, as a result, the immune system gets suppressed. And if we’re looking at genetic injections, what we’re seeing, and we saw it as well after the first three waves, [is] lots of shingles. You’re suppressing your CD8 count, which means you’re taking away your cancer surveillance system. So, when you take down your immune system, you better start watching; if you’ve dropped your CD8 count, you’re going to see viral infections, generalised shingles I’ve never seen before, I saw it after this, aggressive cancers, rapid recurrences of preexisting cancers and new cancers in young people. We’re seeing that sort of thing. And we saw it after the first few waves of Covid. We don’t see it like the rest of the world is seeing it, because we [in Zimbabwe] don’t have the RNA vaccines. 

On supra governmental organisations funding medical research and misleading Zimbabwe and other countries

It’s becoming increasingly clear that supra governmental organisations have a role to play. Fari Hassan, who went to the same biochemistry institute that I did, has some very interesting documents because he’s a molecular geneticist, he’s a Ph.D. doctor, and he’s very good at digging. And when you see who is funding the research, the Medical Councils, SAHPRA, MCAZ (Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe), every medical regulatory body, not just in Africa but elsewhere in the world as well, you will realise that probably for two decades our medical training, our regulatory systems, our universities and our doctors, whose minds have been brainwashed, have been completely captured by these systems.

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