‘We can no longer trust science at all’ – Dr Peter Breggin on Fauci, Covid-19 and the global predators profiting from vaccines

When Covid-19 came onto the scene, Dr Peter Breggin, known as the “Conscience of Psychiatry” for fifty years, turned his attention to the pandemic and the misuse of science around it. After an illustrious career challenging the field of psychiatry itself, Dr Breggin and his wife Ginger Breggin, another lifelong reformer, co-authored Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, a book which Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  the author of The Real Anthony Fauci, endorsed as “the single most comprehensive analysis of the coalition of global predators behind Covid-19”. To discuss the Breggins’ bestseller, BizNews spoke to Dr Breggin, who concisely unpacked each of the four parts in the book. Breggins’ grasp of the corruption and systematic strategising of ‘the global predators’ leading up to Covid-19 is truly distressing. – Nadya Swart

Dr Peter Breggin on Anthony Fauci and why he turned his his professional attention to Covid-19

The minute I heard him speak, I said, “I thought psychiatrists are frauds. This guy’s the biggest fraud of all, because I never saw a psychiatrist say, ‘I am psychiatry!’ And he’s saying ‘I am science’.” So I knew that this was really, really authoritarian nonsense.

If you’re a scientist – and I do heavy science, I’ve written medical books, scientific papers – nobody who stands up and says ‘I am science’ is anything other than a man desiring to be the Hitler of medicine or science. There is no authority in science. Science changes, science develops. It’s people competing with each other. It’s scientists knowing who can be trusted and who can’t be. It’s an evolving process. 

And you get into anything that touches on human beings and it gets so complex that there really isn’t much science at all in the usual sense of science as a hard science. It’s an awful lot about what are your premises? How do you view human beings? What are your values? So for him to be standing up and talking about him being science was pretty crazy. We were reluctant to get involved. 

But then there was a moment, I can tell you the moment. The moment was in March of 2020, and Ginger comes in and says, “I heard a reference somewhere, on Twitter or something, to an article. I found it and it doesn’t seem possible. Is this real? Could they possibly have faked this scientific article?” And I looked at it and I said, “No, it’s from a major journal, it’s from a British journal, Nature Medicine.” Now, in March, everybody was in denial that this thing could be made in the lab, that the Chinese could make it in the lab. [Everyone thought] it’s out of nature. And by the way, there’s never been a sars-cov that we know of out of nature, not one. 

The point is that we’re looking at the article and it’s 2015 and the title has sars-cov in it. The title of the article is about making sars-cov viruses in a lab. 

On Covid-19 and the end of science

The book goes into just all the corruption throughout the process. The entire process of bringing a new drug up, Remdesivir, was faked by Fauci. It’s a fake process. When they found out it couldn’t work, they destroyed the study by opening the placebo. They lied and they said, “Look, this is such a good drug, we have to give it to the placebo people,” when it was such a bad drug, they couldn’t prove it worked. So, they broke the double blind, the placebo, ruining the study so it couldn’t be used, couldn’t be evaluated. And then major journals went ahead and published it anyway as a victory. The corruption throughout science now is so deep we can no longer trust science at all. And I mean really down to even, you know, is this a better pen than last year’s pen? Because now everybody knows you can get away with lying, cheating and stealing, and you can totally fake these scientific studies.

On the human motivations behind the global predators

Well, I think that for a lot of people it’s wealth, because Bill Gates announced in 2010 that it will be the year of the vaccine. Now, going back to 2010, Bill Gates had been the wealthiest man in the world for years by then. And he was working with other extremely wealthy men, some of the wealthiest men in the world. He was working with the wealthiest institutions in the world. So, if you’re a wealthy investor and you’ve never happened to have shaken Bill Gates’ hand and gone into business with him, but you hear him announcing “it’s the decade of the vaccine”, wouldn’t you get on the phone to anybody you knew who could get you on the phone with Bill Gates to say, “Hey Bill, I want a piece of this?” It’s just common sense. It doesn’t take a conspiracy, it’s common sense. And Gates was formulating everything that unrolled, that eventually came about, and he was doing it very systematically. 

The whole basic strategy was already evolved by the end of 2016. And we’ve discussed that in the book in detail. They actually put out a plan for all the billionaires and everybody to join them called the CEPI Preliminary Business Plan, CEPI. Now it’s a Gates organisation set up to get really rich and powerful from strictly the vaccines. And that’s why they never came up with any treatments and suppressed treatments. They wanted to get wealthy and rule the world. So the second motivation is to rule the world. These people are part of an age-old desire to be emperors. 

You go back and empire building starts before Jesus is born. They’re building empires. And, of course, by the Old Testament, which is like 1500 B.C., we’re already running into empires. And empires are just big bullies who want to bully and exploit and kill, because they tend to have bloodlust to be able to do it, as many people as possible. And now the empires are the Eastern Empire coming out of Beijing, Xi Jinping, and then the Western Empire coming out of the huge corporations, the big tech, Bill Gates… The World Health Organisation stands between the two of these. 

On recovering out liberty and the roles of former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden

The main thing we need to do politically is we’ve got to restore constitutional democracy. The plan, as announced by Klaus Schwab and as discussed by many others for many decades, is if you’re going to have globalism succeed, you can’t have active patriotic, strong democracies because they will refuse to participate. And if you make war on them, they’ll fight back. And Schwab identifies Trump as the big threat, because he is leading a patriotic, freedom oriented movement, a nationalism. Now, of course, they think that that’s the sickest thing in the world and Trump’s the sickest guy in the world, they say. But they also say, “Well, we’ve got to admit that that’s who we have to stop.” A lot of all the bad things people think about Trump is what they created, because they had to stop the constitutional democracies of the world. 

And now you can see [with] Joe Biden – and this is very important to understand, because it’s happening in every country at one level or another – we now have a president who’s got dementia. As a psychiatrist, I hate to diagnose people, but everybody knows that. You don’t have to look very hard. So, people are pulling his strings and running him. And so everybody says he’s the worst president we ever had, because he’s had all these disasters. But that’s exactly the president they want. He’s doing every single thing that the predators want.

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