MUST READ! Mitchells Plain man’s plea after Covid-19 claims father: Wear your mask and be patient or be a patient!

Covid-19 raged like a fire through care homes in Europe. In this developed part of the world, the advanced care and modern medicines that helped the nonnas of Italy and the nans of the UK to live to a ripe old age, was no match for the stalking virus. A quarter of novel coronavirus deaths in the United Kingdom, that reached more than 40,000 today, are linked to care homes despite the fact that these centres were locked down before the rest of the country. In many cases these grandmothers and fathers died alone as their families were not allowed to see them when they were taken into hospital and could not even attend their funerals. In South Africa, there are steps in place to protect the elderly and we are in a similar situation where we have virtually no contact with elderly relatives. We miss crucial birthdays which we are not able to celebrate with them as Covid-19 not only separates those people in South Africa from their elderly mothers and fathers; it also prevents the easy overseas flights that expats have all become accustomed to, to celebrate a birthday with a granny. A father from Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats found himself in a similar situation when his father died of Covid-19. Maliek Fagodien’s Facebook post about his father’s death has gone viral and he has this warning for people that are not taking the disease seriously. “Just remember if you (are) infected with Covid-19, you will have no one by your side, except the doctors and nursing staff.” – Linda van Tilburg

By Maliek Fagodien on Facebook

I don’t think people know how serious this Covid-19 is. Let me tell you my father’s story.

My father passed away of Covid-19 on the 6 May 2020 and we don’t know where he got infected. My father was admitted at hospital on the 26 April 2020 and came out in a body bag.

My father phoned me almost every day between 5am and 7am, he was struggling to breathe, he hardly could speak, it was heartbreaking. And the sad part was he didn’t have any family member by his bed side. We couldn’t say our last goodbyes. We couldn’t open up to see his face for the last time.

If you think that you are invincible then go ahead, have social gatherings, go out without a mask, let your children play outside and don’t sanitise. Remember, you don’t know who is infected and that is the scary part of this virus.

Just remember if you are infected with Covid-19 you will have no one by your side, except the doctors and nursing staff. Remember, if your child, husband/wife, mother/father or sister/brother gets infected NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GO WITH TO HOSPITAL OR INSIDE THE HOSPITAL. They will suffer alone.

So please don’t be ignorant, this Covid-19 isn’t something to play with. Stay indoors. Only go out if necessary. Wear a mask when you go out. Get use to sanitising, your hands, tables, taps and especially your toilet. Only you can make a difference.

I don’t want you to go through what my family and I went through.


This post is to make people aware to stop being so ignorant. Please feel free to share…

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