BOSA’s Mmusi Maimane – “In 2024, I’ll be one of four options for SA president”

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s disruptive new political party Build One South Africa (BOSA) now has more than 20 000 members and will be whittling down already identified independent candidates to 200 ahead of the 2024 National Election. Maimane is confident that once the ballot papers have been counted he will be one of four options for SA’s presidency alongside Ramaphosa, Malema and Steenhuisen. Far fetched? Not when you consider his popularity among political leaders – and what happened recently in Zambia and Lesotho. – Alec Hogg

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In this interview, Mmusi Maimane, leader of the Build One South Africa (BOSA) movement, discusses the progress and challenges faced by his political party ahead of the 2024 elections, highlighting BOSA’s growth since their last conversation eight months ago.

BOSA has expanded its presence in all nine provinces of South Africa, with over 450 candidates recruited to stand for elections in various capacities. The movement has also been focused on raising its membership base, which currently sits below 20 000 with a target of 100 000 by November. Maimane expressed confidence in the enthusiasm shown by South Africans towards BOSA’s hopeful and inclusive vision for the country.

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Maimane refers to Wayne Duvenage of OUTA’s concerns about the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the importance of ensuring free and fair elections in 2024. He acknowledged the significance of the upcoming election and the need for close scrutiny of the IEC’s operations. Like Duvenage, Maimane expressed deep concern over the underfunding of the IEC and the increasing stress placed on its ability to handle elections. He also highlighted the IEC’s limited capacity to enforce its own regulations and its reliance on other security agencies for support.

One key issue Maimane raised was the introduction of a third ballot in the upcoming elections. With the inclusion of independent candidates, voters will now need to navigate a province to national ballot, in addition to the national and provincial ballots. Maimane emphasized the importance of educating voters to exercise their choices effectively and the logistical challenges that come with the extended ballot paper.

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Maimane encouraged active citizen participation in the electoral process, inviting individuals to sign up as party agents or volunteers to ensure votes are correctly counted and to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. He stressed the need for South Africans to be vigilant in holding the IEC accountable and to work towards a free and fair election that benefits everyone.

The interview also touched on BOSA’s work beyond electoral politics. Maimane highlighted their efforts to address critical issues such as energy security, fighting load shedding, and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. He expressed disappointment with the government’s reluctance to prioritize citizens’ access to alternative energy sources and the negative impact it has on the economy.

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Regarding BOSA’s path to the presidency, Maimane outlined a strategy that involves appealing to the sizable number of disillusioned voters, forming coalitions with like-minded parties, and securing the necessary votes to lead a government that focuses on delivering for the people of South Africa. Maimane highlighted the importance of values and vision over personalities and positions.

As the conversation concluded, Maimane mentioned the upcoming training of BOSA’s candidates and the rigorous qualification criteria they must meet. He emphasized that these candidates would stand as independent candidates under the BOSA banner, providing a platform for direct representation and enabling more effective participation in the political process.

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, Mmusi Maimane and the Build One South Africa movement are actively working towards their vision of a better South Africa. Their focus on accountability, citizen engagement, and inclusive governance sets the stage for a dynamic and competitive political landscape in the years to come.

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