Mashaba on Moonshot’s dealbreaker, “that book” and enlisting new voters

Action SA leader Herman Mashaba has bounced back after being savaged over paying R12m for the production of a biography – and hits the campaign trail again this week with a mass voter registration drive in the party’s fortress of Soweto. In this interview Mashaba offers his side of the book story – and explains why members of the Moonshot Pact will need to agree to a “deal-breaking” clause to prevent its abortion.

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Herman Mashaba, the self-made entrepreneur who is equally well known for his work as the former mayor of Johannesburg and founder of ActionSA, shares his vision for political change in the country. The interview also touched upon a controversial book about Mashaba’s life. Here are the key points discussed during the interview, highlighting Mashaba’s political aspirations and addressing the book controversy.

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A New Political Era:

Mashaba expressed his belief that a new political dispensation is within reach for South Africa. He pointed to recent examples in neighboring countries, such as Zambia and Lesotho, where political shifts have occurred. He emphasized that his party, ActionSA, is actively working towards this change, with a focus on engaging disenfranchised South Africans who have abstained from voting.

Voter Registration Campaign:

Mashaba unveiled his ambitious plans for a voter registration campaign aimed at bringing disengaged citizens back into the political process. He highlighted an upcoming event on Youth Day, June 16, where ActionSA intends to register thousands of young South Africans who have not previously participated in elections. Mashaba’s party has mobilized volunteers and employed technology to facilitate the registration process, with a goal of surpassing previous voter registration numbers.

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A Brutal Political Landscape:

Acknowledging the challenging nature of politics, Mashaba emphasized that he is not deterred by the adversities he faces. He recalled a meeting with Prince Mashele, the author of the controverial “unauthorized” biography about him, expressing his disappointment in how the book was handled. Mashaba had initially agreed to the project, hoping it would provide a historical account of his political journey for future generations. However, the book’s publication without his authorization led to legal actions to secure the rights and negotiate with new publishers.

Mashaba’s Political Evolution:

Reflecting on his entry into politics as a mayoral candidate for the Democratic Alliance (DA), Mashaba shared his initial apprehensions and the criticism he faced. However, he proved his detractors wrong by leading the city of Johannesburg effectively and fighting against corruption. He highlighted his commitment to principled decision-making and his ability to work with different political parties for the benefit of the citizens.

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Herman Mashaba’s interview with Alec Hogg sheds light on his determination to bring about a new political era in South Africa. With ActionSA, he aims to engage disenchanted voters and create a platform that resonates with the marginalized population. Despite the controversy surrounding the unauthorized book about his life, Mashaba remains resolute in his pursuit of positive change. As South Africa’s political landscape evolves, Herman Mashaba’s vision and actions stand as a testament to his commitment to shaping a brighter future for the country.

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