Gayton McKenzie olive branch to DA – Let’s take hands, focus on unseating ANC

Following a weekend marked by harsh criticism from Naspers-owned media outlets and disparaging comments from the DA’s leader, Patriotic Alliance president Gayton McKenzie is advocating for harmony among opposition parties. The influential political figure points to the irony of this discord between opposition political parties whose prime objective should be unseating the ANC on May 29. Undisturbed by the controversy surrounding his efforts to enlist a DA councillor in its razor-thin majority Saldanha council – citing a ‘leaked’ hour-long recorded conversation whose content he firmly stands behind – McKenzie emphasizes the need for opposition leaders to exhibit humility and unite to dethrone the ANC. BizNews’ Alec Hogg sat down with McKenzie for an exclusive insight into his perspective – and the surprise offer of an olive branch to his persecutor-in-chief.

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Highlights from the interview

Gayton Mckenzie’s interview with Alec Hogg offers a revealing glimpse into the intricate dynamics of South Africa’s political landscape. here’s a summary highlighting key insights and areas of interest:

  1. DA’s Decline: Mckenzie points out a significant decline in the DA’s voter base in Cape Town, attributing this to widespread dissatisfaction rather than mere party shifts.
  2. Non-Negotiables: He emphasizes the importance of reinstating God in daily life, addressing illegal immigration firmly, and protecting property rights as non-negotiable pillars of his political stance.
  3. Opposition Unity: Mckenzie urges unity among opposition parties to effectively challenge the ANC, criticizing the DA’s treatment of smaller parties and advocating for strategic collaborations.
  4. Political Strategies: The interview delves into Malema’s strategic influence, the internal dynamics of the DA, and Mckenzie’s critique of the DA’s tactics against him, offering insights into political manoeuvring and power plays.
  5. Pragmatic Collaboration: Despite past conflicts, McKenzie shows openness to collaboration for the greater good, indicating a pragmatic approach to forming alliances in pursuit of shared political objectives.
  6. Challenges and Predictions: He predicts the DA’s decline without strategic changes and highlights challenges faced by opposition forces, emphasizing the need for cohesive strategies and effective political leadership.

Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into electoral strategies, ideological priorities, and the evolving landscape of South African politics, making it a significant source for investigative journalists covering political developments in the country.

Extended transcript of the interview ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

00:00:12:11 – 00:00:49:07 Alec Hogg: Well, the world’s best investor, Warren Buffett, has a lot of excellent advice about life as well. He says never do something that will land you on the front page of a newspaper. That’s exactly what happened with Gayton McKenzie this past weekend. We’ll find out whether he’s happy or sad about it. Gayton McKenzie is the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, and Gayton, it’s interesting to see how popular your keynote was at the BizNews conference in Hermanus.

00:00:49:08 – 00:01:09:20 Alec Hogg: I often get these little notes from your friend Rob Hersov saying he’s going to overtake you and be more watched. But last I looked, 150,000 people have watched it, more than that, watched it for more than 10 minutes at a time. So your message is getting through. What isn’t?

00:01:09:22 – 00:01:39:12 Alec Hogg: And I suppose, as happy as you are, you need to explain and unpack what happened over the weekend. We saw a report in a newspaper having a full go at you. Then their colleagues at City Press, both owned by Naspers, say they got hold of an hour-long discussion you had with an unnamed Democratic Alliance councilor in Saldanha, trying to effectively bribe him to come across to the PA.

00:01:39:14 – 00:02:01:23 Alec Hogg: So that’s what the people who read that newspaper believe. I’m glad we have an opportunity to maybe get a bit of background. Let’s just sketch for us, if you would, what is going on in Saldanha? How close is the council in terms of which political parties have which seats?

00:02:02:00 – 00:02:36:10 Gayton Mckenzie: Right. Let me first start with Saldanha. What’s happening there? Saldanha is ruled by the DA with the resident majority that includes two other parties, the MCC and the Freedom Front Plus. If they lose two of those people, it’s over for them in Saldanha. So Saldanha is very important for them, and they should be paranoid about losing it.

00:02:36:12 – 00:03:02:15 Gayton Mckenzie: I would have been paranoid about losing it. I don’t agree with Warren’s advice never to find yourself on the front page of a newspaper. I think that’s rubbish. He’s got great gems, but that is definitely probably one of his worst. Siya Kolisi has found himself on the front page of the newspaper. Nothing bad about that.

00:03:02:17 – 00:03:03:23 Gayton Mckenzie: Nothing bad about that.

00:03:04:04 – 00:03:17:12 Alec Hogg: I misquoted him. Sorry, I misquoted him. What he said was never find yourself on the front page of a newspaper that you don’t want your family to read. That’s it. When they’re supporting you? Of course.

00:03:17:13 – 00:03:51:13 Gayton Mckenzie: Yes. Right. You know, Alec, I understand. But here’s the issue, there’s nothing that was a normal conversation. What I told that councilor on the 27th of February, Rob Hersov and 30 other businessmen from Cape Town, very successful businessmen, asked to see me. And they asked me one direct question, they said, “Will you go with the ANC in the Western Cape?”

00:03:51:15 – 00:04:13:09 Gayton Mckenzie: I said, “At the moment, my first preference would be the Democratic Alliance. Honestly. But as the DA has made it clear that they don’t want to work with me, they leave me no choice. If you are married to somebody, for instance, if your wife has locked you out of the house, she can’t complain. Where are you going to sleep that evening?”

00:04:13:14 – 00:04:36:17 Gayton Mckenzie: If she doesn’t want you to come to the house, she can’t come tomorrow and say, “I heard you went to the bar the whole night,” for instance. So there was nothing on your show. I’ve always said that we are willing to work with even the AWB as long as we understand. So I don’t know what this expose is. I don’t know what the DA and Rapport are trying to do.

00:04:36:19 – 00:05:01:08 Gayton Mckenzie: I read the paper. I’ve listened to the recording. What have they said there that I’ve not said on your show, that I have not said on the 27th of February, and that I’m not going to say today? I have said that is not a secret. I’m currently working with the ANC in many municipalities. Now, I don’t know what this great exposé is. That is what desperation does to people.

00:05:01:10 – 00:05:23:15 Gayton Mckenzie: Instead of the DA coming and saying, “Let’s put our egos aside,” because I have made nine predictions from your show over time. All nine of them were correct. I said ANC is going to get 37%, and people said I was crazy. The very people who said I was crazy are now saying that the ANC is going to get 37%.

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00:05:23:17 – 00:05:55:11 Gayton Mckenzie: So I’m saying to you now, I’m not the only one. The DA is not the only one to blame for the dissolution of our relationship. We are equally to blame as the Patriotic Alliance. The DA is also to blame. There’s no innocent party. We don’t want to play innocent. But I think for the sake of our country, we need to get together and leave whatever we said about each other and just see because if the DA still thinks they are going to hold on to the Western Cape.

00:05:55:13 – 00:06:07:08 Gayton Mckenzie: I’m here today to come and tell them they are not going to do that. Let’s try to find each other now and see how all of us can make sure we keep the ANC out of the province.

00:06:07:10 – 00:06:36:05 Alec Hogg: Gayton, there’s an article in the Financial Times of London this morning. Our partners, and we’ve reproduced it on Biznews in Biznews Premium, where the headline is “Opposition parties are bickering.” Now this is not just a financial overseas perception, it’s also a local perception. But the key thing here, and perhaps this is where the issue lies, is that they reproduce polls that don’t even mention the PA.

00:06:36:07 – 00:07:00:12 Alec Hogg: Now, I don’t know if you can just unpack that for me because I’m very confused. I believe in science. I believe in the facts. And the facts on the by-elections are showing me that the PA is most definitely not a nothing party. You’re winning seats. You’re getting substantial increases in the ward votes, and either that’s a one-off or something’s really gone wrong here.

00:07:00:12 – 00:07:17:21 Alec Hogg: But potentially, the DA membership and leadership are saying, “Well, we don’t really have to worry about Gayton and the PA, and we can say anything we want to about him because they’re not really a factor,” and the polls tend to be supporting that. So help us out there. Are they wrong?

00:07:17:23 – 00:07:41:20 Gayton Mckenzie: Not only are they wrong, they are horribly wrong. You know, I’ll give you three parts. Let me unpack it in three parts. In 2021, nobody gave us five seats. No one, not even the Brenthurst Foundation, SRF, or all these polling organizations, mentioned us in 2021. We were the official breakout party of 2021.

00:07:41:20 – 00:08:03:18 Gayton Mckenzie: We got 86 seats. They didn’t see us coming. They saw people that got five seats, ten seats, even twenty seats. They didn’t see us. So this is not new territory for us. This does not shock us. The same mistake they made in 2021, they are making it this time.

00:08:03:18 – 00:08:26:08 Gayton Mckenzie: Also, just on a bigger scale, let me show you what politics is. Very emotional, and political commentating is even more emotional than politics itself. Now, why am I saying this? Let me unpack something for you. Follow the signs. Follow the facts. I can say this, Zuma can say this, Helen Zille says that, we are all saying things that make us look good.

00:08:26:10 – 00:09:00:00 Gayton Mckenzie: We all say things that put us in a favorable position. The facts, the science, doesn’t lie. Scientifically, we have taken more wards than anybody from the ANC. We’ve taken more wards than anybody from the Democratic Alliance. Oudtshoorn, for me, was a place that unmasked the DA heavily. Their words don’t match their actions. It’s on the 24th of April, coming in the next two weeks.

00:09:00:00 – 00:09:38:03 Gayton Mckenzie: There’s a by-election, a major by-election in Dysselsdorp. We have a chance to unseat the ANC. The ANC has been strong in that ward. The DA decided they’re not going to be a big party in that ward. There are five other by-elections they’re taking part in, but in the Western Cape, have you ever imagined the DA in the Western Cape not partaking in the ward in Oudtshoorn? I would love to hear their reasons why they are not part of that. But here’s the last point I want to make, Alec. I’m the fly in the ointment.

00:09:38:05 – 00:10:06:12 Gayton Mckenzie: I don’t get controlled by big capital. I don’t get controlled by, you know, my stance on Israel. People are going around saying Israel’s funding has made him change. People make all sorts of suggestions. I have said no to big money. I’ve had people coming to me saying, “We’re giving you 15 million because we give that party.” I’ve said no. I’m not interested, it’s fine. So let them underestimate us. I’m actually angry that some people are starting to see there’s a problem here. This guy is going to do well, his party, because our superpower has always been underestimated.

00:10:06:12 – 00:10:19:04 Gayton Mckenzie: I’m actually angry that some people are starting to see there’s a problem here. This guy is going to do well, his party, because our superpower has always been underestimated.

00:10:19:06 – 00:10:48:11 Alec Hogg: At the conference, you said, “Don’t worry about the rhino. Think about the braino, save the braino.” And you’ve got those lovely turns of phrase. But when we talk about the braino, and particularly in the Western Cape, the colored community, which is the majority demographically, are they coming to your side? And if that is the case, what you just mentioned about Dysselsdorp is pretty instructive.

00:10:48:13 – 00:11:12:00 Alec Hogg: Then surely there has to be a danger of the DA having to talk to you after the election because you might even well, you would certainly need to be a partner in some coalition because if they don’t talk to you, potentially you could have a coalition with somebody else.

00:11:12:02 – 00:11:34:07
Gayton Mckenzie: What you said is just logic. Logic that some of your listeners don’t understand because I always go to your comments. It’s just being logical what you’ve just said Listen, I’m not getting all that, there are two parts to it. The first part is that between 2016 and 2021, the DA lost a third of their voters in Cape Town. Those are not wishes, it’s their Google search.

00:11:34:07 – 00:11:55:01
Gayton Mckenzie: It’s there, they lost a third of their voters. Those people didn’t come to the Patriotic Alliance, it didn’t go to any other party. They just got gatvol with the DA. So there’s the first element of your ordinary voter that loved the DA that said, “I’m no longer voting for you.” Then you get the second part.

00:11:55:01 – 00:12:24:20
Gayton Mckenzie: Where you have a party like NCC, the National Colored Congress. You have GOOD, you have PMC, and you have the PA. Then your freedom front plus, these parties are each taking a bite at the DA and ActionSA. They’re each taking a bite, some of us take bigger bites, but some are taking smaller bites. Here’s the issue. You see how bad the DA has been treating, let’s say, Rise Msanzi, making their, I mean, they’re campaigning them.

00:12:25:00 – 00:12:52:02
Gayton Mckenzie: SMS’s. Now what they’ve done that’s wrong. If they so much say the ANC is the enemy and everybody else that’s fighting the ANC is supposed to, they’re supposed not to fight with, because anybody that helps you to eat this elephant, I will never criticize GOOD, I will never criticize the NCC. I will never criticize PMC for now because they helped me eat.

00:12:52:02 – 00:13:36:21
Gayton Mckenzie: This elephant in the Western Cape, for instance. If you get what I’m saying, why the DA is calling small parties, insulting them, calling us mercenaries, calling people this, calling people that, you are enemizing us, you are making us the enemy. The DA has been lying for so long. To people in particular, your listeners, are eating lock, stock, and barrel all the nonsense they hear from the DA. The DA is in serious trouble, in tremendous trouble. They lied last time, they said last year they lied, they said the reason why they’re not part of the by-election in Kensington in Cape Town was that there was an oversight, somebody made a mistake that’s impossible with.

00:13:36:21 – 00:13:50:06
Gayton Mckenzie: The DA they’ve never in their history, which nobody makes those. That’s the most elementary mistake you can make not to register, but your listeners believe them. Now I wonder what the excuse is going to be in Dysselsdorp cause it’s in the Western Cape.

00:13:50:08 – 00:14:05:22
Alec Hogg: I want to I want to just go forward to after the election because there’s you almost as a member of the public you can almost understand Gayton’s going to say this, John Steenhuisen is going to say that afterwards it’s aw sorry guys it was just politics it’s like you know you’re playing rugby on the field.

00:14:06:00 – 00:14:27:09
Alec Hogg: You get off you shake hands and you move forward. But in your case, you’ve made three very distinct non-negotiables and maybe go through them with us as well, because I’m interested to see what political parties you would be coalescing with after May the 29th. If you stick to those three non-negotiables and I presume you will.

00:14:27:11 – 00:14:48:10
Gayton Mckenzie: I was never going to change these three. I think number one for me, bringing God back into the classroom, into the workplace. You know, people don’t know this. By God is no longer central in everyday life of South Africans. Our children, I look at my kids, they don’t even know the Bible. We used to be taught Bible school.

00:14:48:10 – 00:15:07:20
Gayton Mckenzie: No young kids would pick a Bible and read it on their own. They would rather pick a Harry Potter book, so we have a duty as parents to teach our children the Bible. And that’s the first thing. Got my feet. You know, I watched the inauguration of Joe Biden. And what struck me is every second sentence was, “God bless America.”

00:15:07:22 – 00:15:34:03
Gayton Mckenzie: Here in South Africa, you don’t hear those things being loud, clear, and shouting from the rooftops. That’s number one. Number two, for us, illegal immigration is a massive problem in South Africa, it’s a non-negotiable. So you want illegal immigration to happen to the people. We want illegal immigration not to happen. We want mass deportation of all illegal immigrants.

00:15:34:05 – 00:16:03:02
Gayton Mckenzie: So there must be no illegal immigration in South Africa. Number three, for me, the one that I think your listeners need to sit down and think very hard about, EFF is a, they want to nationalize and they want to expropriate without compensation. They’re going to put the ANC in a corner to say, “Do this. If you want to remain in power,” which will leave the ANC with two choices.

00:16:03:04 – 00:16:36:16
Gayton Mckenzie: Choice number one, I lose power totally or choice number two, I will adhere to the demand of EFF now just for 20 seconds Malema is extremely strategic. Don’t look at him like he’s a He’s he’s a stupid man. He’s not Malema in 2016 did what In one of us thought he will do and he did it In preparation of 2024 2016.

00:16:36:16 – 00:17:08:00
Gayton Mckenzie: Malema gave his power to the Democratic Alliance. They didn’t see what he was doing. He was criticized, including by me and everybody else. The ANC were shocked. I spoke to Paul Mashatile. He was he couldn’t believe it. He was like a man that was based how could the EFF give you power to DA. But they wanted to show the ANC that come 2024, if you don’t adhere and make Floyd Shivambu the finance minister, we will give the power again.

00:17:08:02 – 00:17:28:10
Gayton Mckenzie: Now you know, it’s possible. if you get my point I’m trying to make. They would say that was just a dress rehearsal to say we are not ActionSA. ActionSA is in a corner. They came out and they said we will not work with the with the ANC. There’s two major parties. You either work with the DA you work with the ANC.

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00:17:28:12 – 00:17:48:15
Gayton Mckenzie: ActionSA said, we will not work with the so the DA knows they got nowhere to go. The same with freedom front plus in the same corner. That’s why the DA treats them rubbish. they don’t have anywhere to go. With Gayton and the PA, them into the DA treats me like rubbish. I go to the ANC now. The ANC has treated us like rubbish.

00:17:48:17 – 00:18:18:13
Gayton Mckenzie: We go talk to DA again. People say, you flip-flopping. No, no, I’m just not wanting to be a willing participant of an abusive relationship. So number three, Malema clearly wants the finance minister to be Floyd Shivambu anything those boys touch they bankrupted. They were in charge of Limpopo. They bankrupted. They were in charge with the youth league.

00:18:18:15 – 00:18:53:03
Gayton Mckenzie: They bankrupted the youth league they were involved in. Anything they get involved in, they bankrupt. EFF leadership now here’s the main point they want to expropriate without compensation. Gayton on a deeply personal level, my family lost our land and people, my grandparents were evicted. I would love to expropriate without compensation for if revenge or some feeling.

00:18:53:03 – 00:19:22:23
Gayton Mckenzie: But that’s not possible. As a businessman as a successful businessman, I know one thing about business I’m an international investor I have invested in countries around the world. Once you lose property rights, you have no country left. Once you lose property rights, nobody is going to invest There’s going to be no FDI no foreign direct investment because property rights are the cornerstone of investment.

00:19:23:01 – 00:19:55:02
Gayton Mckenzie: Now, I’m saying a non-negotiable for me is to make sure that property rights get respected. That for me Alec is what we stand for. People are just fearmongering about the PA. I believe in a free-market system. I’m a businessman I run businesses, so I’m not going to come here with revenge tactics or wishy-washy ideologies. I’ve got many other or manifesto points.

00:19:55:02 – 00:20:25:00
Gayton Mckenzie: But this one’s you can’t have all your things, those three for me God, illegal immigration, and property rights are fundamental. The country’s going to collapse. I can promise you once you take away property rights, Zimbabwe next door is the best example. I was there when they took the farms. The very same people are now paying the white people to come back.

00:20:25:01 – 00:20:52:11
Gayton Mckenzie: Now, it’s not about white, it’s about farming. It’s like job security. So we are also emotional and I don’t like Gayton. You don’t have to like me. You need to check what I’m standing for. I have a problem with EFF for what they are standing for. I like Herman Mashaba for what he stands for. I’m the furthest ideology-wise from Corne Mulder.

00:20:52:12 – 00:21:26:03
Gayton Mckenzie: They want Cape independence, Western Cape independence? I don’t want that nonsense, but I have to sit down with them. Now, the problem I’m having is parties that just want it their way and that’s where and actually Zuma is a danger. You have you have to compare the two there’s three leaders in after 2024 you’ve got Zuma that will run the Black pact you’ve got the moonshot pact, which is Steenhuisen.

00:21:26:05 – 00:21:57:14
Gayton Mckenzie: And then you’ve got Ramaphosa, which must also put together parties that are allied to him now Zuma has got charm and he’s a wily old cat and he doesn’t have arrogance about him. He’s got you’ve got I once sat with Zuma. He is the best example of would have we were busy eating having a meeting and then he asked me do I know how to answer, please call me.

00:21:57:16 – 00:22:17:18
Gayton Mckenzie: I said, excuse me President, he says no. Somebody sent me, a please call me. he wants to phone the person? I said, Who’s the person? he says No, it must be somebody in the village. there’s a problem I was sitting there. There are some calls I don’t even answer Zuma’s asking me to help him to call. I saw the please call me.

00:22:17:18 – 00:22:56:01
Gayton Mckenzie: This I’m saying live it’s facts like this You’re can ask him I saw the Please call me. now, it shows you about the deep humility that he has. And Zuma’s got many mistakes I can tell you that for a fact. And I’m saying that I mean, putting together a government of national unity, you need to have charm. The ANC didn’t want a guy called Martinus van Schalkwyk he called him Korkbroek call they will with or DEC become I think was a deputy president do some of sorts and Mandela came back and he says no now Zuma possesses the charm of Mandela.

00:22:56:03 – 00:23:21:11
Gayton Mckenzie: So John Steenhuisen is the wrong guy to lead. Stop fighting, Rise Msanzi. Stop fighting ActionSA. Stop fighting PA. To be honest with you, the PA and the DA Rise Msanzi ActionSA Freedom front plus we can unseat because the Moonshot pact doesn’t have the numbers. I don’t care who says what let them not say they are going to unseat the ANC let them show you how much they’re going to get.

00:23:21:12 – 00:23:49:14
Gayton Mckenzie: Then you do your maths. They need us and a few other parties like BOSA like Rise Msanzi, then there’s a real chance of unseating the ANC, but this arrogance all our guns should be aimed at the ANC, including the PA’s guns at the moment because they the government but we are fighting each other. And I’m not going to be Snow White here in this myth I’m equally guilty because I’ve allowed them to bait me.

00:23:49:16 – 00:24:21:08
Gayton Mckenzie: Like if they say something, I say something back and then there’s a quick escalation and I’m on your show today, I’m putting my hand up. And I said, Let’s have another meeting. Not on John Steenhuisen’s terms but all of us, let’s get together. And let us take somebody as levelheaded is Corne Mulder or Hlabisa of the IFP they are my rivals but they very levelheaded those gentleman let us sit down and say, How are we going to unseat the ANC?

00:24:21:10 – 00:24:46:08
Gayton Mckenzie: I know what John said about me, called me a green gangster in Mitchells Plain I called him a haedboy I said to him he’s just a privileged headboy with rich parents That’s why he became the headboy of the DA. And I’m saying today this is my olive branch. And if I don’t lie particularly not on air that’s a fact I would never come here and tell a lie.

00:24:46:10 – 00:25:09:00
Gayton Mckenzie: So I can be held to what I’m saying here today we still have a few weeks because after 2024 elections, we will not be the same person that I’m now because it’s you. Why now the sudden You see, I’m as I go. Now you want to talk to me? I wasn’t good enough. So I’m saying one the Moonshot pact doesn’t have the numbers Alec.

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00:25:09:02 – 00:25:41:04
Gayton Mckenzie: They don’t have the numbers. This in there, You know, they could have reached 40% together, but the wrecking ball called Zuma came and I don’t care what they say. They’ve finished IFP, he halved it or he’ll take 20% from them, that means to say 20% It’s a lot of votes from a party 20%. Now you must be an imbecile to think Zuma is not going to to take from the IFP People they say Zuma’s not going to take from them.

00:25:41:06 – 00:26:07:17
Gayton Mckenzie: We never believed that in a million years he’s taking from EFF he’s taking from the ANC, those three he’s taking them if Zuma was no factor as they all say he’s not a factor to why jumping up and down to courts and trying to get him not to contest. Well they need to learn one thing. And I’ve seen white people have never picked this up, the DA’s doing that to me.

00:26:07:17 – 00:26:38:09
Gayton Mckenzie: now and the tears that did to the black people has always been victims coloured people have always been victims of this system. We’ve never really enjoyed the fruits of freedom of freedom. So we love victims. We identify with victims because we see ourselves in any person that we perceive to be victimized. Zuma’s currency is always to find himself in the position of being not a victor but being victimized.

00:26:38:11 – 00:27:06:10
Gayton Mckenzie: He’s found himself, a month before the elections again, in that position, they don’t want Zuma to compete, only send Zuma to jail. It is very calculated. So what the DA is doing to me, Alan Winde gives out flyers that not knowing what really happening on the ground that I’m one person that picks on the drug dealers in our communities and he goes and say McKenzie gets money from drug dealers.

00:27:06:10 – 00:27:31:22
Gayton Mckenzie: Now people like the drug dealers hate McKenzie, we see what he’s doing on the thing. Now They don’t understand the dynamics. So I’m saying and I don’t blame John Steenhuisen and the last thing on this matter, that John Steenhuisen is toast if he doesn’t make this deal, he’s not going to survive after. I can tell you for the first time on your show, we do speak to people in the DA that says to us, Wait, we’re not going to do as well.

00:27:31:22 – 00:28:04:19
Gayton Mckenzie: Well, but we going to rebuild without Helen? Without John? There’s those voices, I’m sure you’ve also heard those voices, that they’ve got no ego, that is pure intellect speaking to us and saying, don’t judge us now, judge us after this, because this DA is dying. I’m saying we don’t need even to go there. Let us get together. I My friend asked me yesterday he says Gayton will you work with the DA after he insulted you like that I said for the sake of the country, we’ll have to.

00:28:05:18 – 00:28:13:09
Alec Hogg: Well. Great stuff. Gayton Mckenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance. And I’m Alec Hogg from Biznews. com.

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