‘Gatvol’ Saffers tell us who’s got their presidential vote – it’s NOT the DA! #Election2019

EDINBURGH — Who are you voting for this year? The small but rapidly growing and ambitious ZACP, fronted by journalists with capitalist intent, or the ANC in the hope that your vote will encourage President Cyril Ramaphosa and team to continue righting the ship? BizNews visitors have shared what they plan to do when they go to the voting stations on May 8 and the results so far make for fascinating reading. The Democratic Alliance’s Mmusi Maimane has got much work to do if he wants to build support in a traditional DA stronghold, while the Economic Freedom Fighters‘ Julius Malema is the political leader BizNews readers would like to disappear into the dust. – Jackie Cameron

By Thulasizwe Sithole

As South Africa prepares for national elections on May 8, the first election survey results suggest that Cyril Ramaphosa is in the lead as the country’s first choice for president.

The survey, conducted by BizNews – which has a large audience in urban areas in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape – indicates that the Democratic Alliance’s Mmusi Maimane is not as popular as might be expected.

And, in another interesting early finding, the new capitalism-focused ZACP, which has a purple cow as its emblem, has rapidly gained ground, with its leader, journalist Kanthan Pillay, the third choice for president among BizNews community members.

Unsurprisingly, the BizNews community is overwhelming in its rejection of Julius Malema, who favours the destructive Venezuela style of economic management, as leader.

The survey opened for responses on Monday and within 24 hours had ratcheted up not far off 1,000 responses.

Many BizNews visitors have elaborated on their choices, with the overwhelming message that it is time for change.

Eskom blackouts have been angering South Africans, however corruption is a bigger challenge, with the Zuma years weighing heavily on the country’s captains of industry and entrepreneurs.

Job creation is seen as a priority as is boosting economic growth.

BizNews will update the findings later this week. If you haven’t already shared who you’re planning to vote for – and why – please do so now by completing this short Election 2019 survey

South Africa speaks! Here’s what voters say about politicians as they get set to vote

It’s time for change. SA needs it now. Away with all this rubbish that the anc has brought in.

3/26/2019 11:05 AM

All South Africans are “gatvol” and after having had 9 years stolen, by conniving criminals, from the future of our children and even our own future, it is time to change the top order and the way we are governed. Unless the ESKOM mess is cleared up quickly and Zuma and his cronies are put away forever, and NPA, and the powers that be, stand up and deliver, there will be more turmoil and violence, which will scare investors away forever, resulting in more poverty and joblessness. THINK PEOPLE and VOTE FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE!

3/26/2019 11:04 AM


3/26/2019 11:02 AM

Stop Corruption and help the people of this country

3/26/2019 10:59 AM

Think. Use your head not your heart.

3/26/2019 10:52 AM

ANC has done absolutely nothing for the poorest of the poor although always claiming that the are concerned of those peoples plight. Change is needed DO NOT VOTE ANC!!!

3/26/2019 10:51 AM

no comment

3/26/2019 10:50 AM

Start voter education at high school level and continue with voter education in the rural areas so we don’t hear people saying ” I did not get …. so I will not vote”

3/26/2019 10:46 AM

The ANC government has destroyed SA. They cannot repair the damage. SA needs a complete overhaul by a new government.

3/26/2019 10:45 AM

Generally speaking, businesses should generate wealth and government should divide wealth. You must just get the ratio right. Meritocracy by government and no lobbying by business. We can all dream! 😂

3/26/2019 10:37 AM

DA please get your act together

3/26/2019 10:37 AM


3/26/2019 10:34 AM

PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the corrupt incompetent ANC.

3/26/2019 10:23 AM

The ANC is looking after the ANC, not the people of South Africa

3/26/2019 10:23 AM

The obvious choice for Government in SA is the DA who would make delivery and jobs a priority. The issue is that the country will fail to make the correct choice due to the inherent racism fed to the country for the last 25 years.

3/26/2019 10:22 AM

How much evidence does the electorate need to see that the ANC of old has been taken over by self serving gangsters only showing token interest in them every 5 years.

3/26/2019 10:13 AM

At this point in time, I believe that all the major parties do not represent the voice of the people, and are in it for themselves, I will be doing some ground work to see which party represents the majority of my believes and lives up to there mandate as best they can. right now I believe that my vote will not go to a major political party as I dont believe that that walk their talk, just more lip service to get votes

3/26/2019 10:11 AM


3/26/2019 10:07 AM

Preserve the Cape

3/26/2019 10:01 AM

Poison the pond and all the fish die

3/26/2019 10:01 AM

We can only choose the best from a bad bunch. Candidates should be chosen for political parties in a similar fashion as in the US. Debates should be held and political parties should be allowed to point out shortcomings from another party in public. That way the public’s eyes and ears may open to reality instead of sheep going to the polls to vote traditionally.

3/26/2019 10:00 AM

We need jobs! Jobs will be created by growing the cake which is only possible via growing and enabling SME’s. Make business easy! Secondly, the Zondo commission should lead to serious prosecuting and the routing out of all corruption in both private and public sector. Thirdly, avoid scoring own goals like in tourism industry and get rid of all debt-burdened SOE’s via practical solutions such as green energy etc.

3/26/2019 9:59 AM

A choice between imperfect options for the less imperfect

3/26/2019 9:53 AM

It is essential to trim the ANC elected power base otherwise the party will never self correct.

3/26/2019 9:47 AM

No use voting for the ‘big 3’ none of them deserve your vote, they are all lying politicians and crooks. Vote for any other smaller party to give oversight of the bigger parties. Let the politicians whistle-blow on each other.

3/26/2019 9:41 AM

It grieves me how effectively the DA shot itself in the foot

3/26/2019 9:40 AM

Stop voting on racial lines and let us rather look at the economy of country – TOGETHER! United we stand divided we fall.

3/26/2019 9:37 AM


3/26/2019 9:34 AM

Vote with your head not your heart

3/26/2019 9:32 AM

we need to vote for change of leading party too much has happened they wont change they way they lead South Africa Looting All the way tired of scandals

3/26/2019 9:31 AM

I am looking for honest, unselfish, hardworking, capable, principled, nation minded people in govt

3/26/2019 9:30 AM

Cyril Ramaposa is dictated to by Lethuli House,. He puts the ANC first, not SA. He did nothing as Dep President to fix Eskom although it was his responsiblity. He also supported Zuma in all the NO confidence votes the DA raised. He is not strong enough to stem the tide of corruption . All talk and little action. We need a complete change of Government if possible or at least for him to be in a coalition with the DA which is more resolute on anti corruption measures and growth of the economy in order to create jobs . This is vital to reducing crime in order to give people respectability and the opportunity to fend for themselves and rise out of poverty and dependency

3/26/2019 9:27 AM

Let us use our votes wisely. Otherwise we will forever be complaining.

3/26/2019 9:26 AM

A true leader & party would consider all of us There People!!!!!

3/26/2019 9:25 AM


3/26/2019 9:25 AM

voting for any of the smaller Parties is a wasted vote..they will have no impact

3/26/2019 9:24 AM

The ANC has lost my vote when it lost its way. It is not taking a firm stand against corruption, backed up by action. Gigaba and Dhlamini, who should be in jail awaiting trial, are on their election lists?! I know Cyril walks a tightrope internally, but it is time for balls to the wall and get this country on track. The damage zupta has done is beyond anyone’s comprehension. The DA needs to rid itself of those white males posing as liberals, as opposed to the patriarchal, patronising sexists they are. Maybe Mmusi can bring it back then, but he also needs to toughen up and be more vocal. Bantu Holomisa remains a firm favourite of mine, a principled, intelligent fearless man who continues in his national service diligently. I see you have no women on your list of potential presidential candidates – appalling!!

3/26/2019 9:22 AM

Do the right thing.

3/26/2019 9:19 AM


3/26/2019 9:17 AM

Let’s change for the better.

3/26/2019 9:16 AM

Let’s vote for change, we have voted for history far too long and now is time to vote for ourselves and the generation to come

3/26/2019 9:10 AM

Although there is a strong possibility that the ANC will win again, we must, at all costs avoid an alliance between the ANC and the EFF.

3/26/2019 9:08 AM


3/26/2019 9:06 AM

We cannot allow the ANC to have free hand for another term and need all the support for a strong opposition. With this support the opposition can hopefully take over Gauteng and then we can get some proper governance going in the province.

3/26/2019 9:05 AM

Ramaphosa is a trumpian con artist

3/26/2019 9:04 AM

I am sick and tired of the blatant corruption and nepotism in ANC ranks.

3/26/2019 9:01 AM

24 Years, on even after sanctions lifted, only marginally better off are the poorest of the poor, enrichment of the elite continues with no repecussions. If u call people inefficient and are white then u are deemed rascist. Really sad

3/26/2019 9:00 AM


3/26/2019 9:00 AM

Hope sanity prevails!

3/26/2019 8:58 AM

I will not comment on all the ongoing rot, corruption, duplicitous nature of some parties seeking to take us back to the stone ages/civil war with their racial hatred. However, there NEEDS to be a shift in our Electoral system so that we vote for a leader within a party and not just voting for a Party who, as a ‘Collective’ then decide who will be President of the Country.

3/26/2019 8:57 AM

Due to the ANC decision to downgrade SA-Israel relations my family and I will definitely vote for the opposition.

3/26/2019 8:56 AM

No political party is perfect,I will vote for the party that has the best track record moving forward,and constantly comes with solutions to the ANC governments self created problems. If anyone cant see this and votes for them again or the Mad Clown Ju-Ju,they deserve exactly the mess they get..

3/26/2019 8:56 AM


3/26/2019 8:52 AM

My biggest fear is that people will once again, out of blind loyalty vote for the ANC who have shown us over and over that they cannot govern. Please, vote with your heads, not your hearts. Stop the rot, the corruption and incompetence.

3/26/2019 8:49 AM

Country is going south fast

3/26/2019 8:49 AM

We need a strong opposition so I have to vote for the DA. we cannot afford to vote for the smaller parties as We need our voices to be heard and we need change!!??

3/26/2019 8:45 AM

It’s time for change – but it has been so for the past 12 years. Will the public finally wake up and try anew? That’s the big question.

3/26/2019 8:45 AM

The communists have had 25 years to make a difference in South Africa, and like every other communist intervention, the project has been a dismal failure. Marx sat in his ivory tower with the advantage of Engels’ patronage and wrote his manifesto – irony or the greatest practical joke in the history of the world?

3/26/2019 8:43 AM

The time for real, meaningful action has long passed. So much talking, blaming, denying and no facing up to the facts and the truth. No accountability at all. No consequences at all. The wasted opportunities, just the waste as a whole is beyond comprehension. There is no law and order in our country. Can we just get some things right? Could we start somewhere? As an old white South African I am so happy to be living in a free and democratic country, I would not trade what we have for anything in the world OTHER THAN SEEING OUR COUNTRY SUCCEED FOR THE VAST MAJORITY AND NOT JUST FOR THE CHOSEN FEW.

3/26/2019 8:42 AM

My dilemma is that I don’t want to give my vote to ANC after its years of supporting corrupt Jacob Zuma & his cronies but I would like to signal my support of C Ramaphosa.

3/26/2019 8:39 AM

Please get involved and make SA work for the benefit of our children and future generations.We can all play a meaningful role instead of being arm chair and sideline vocal critics !!!!!

3/26/2019 8:38 AM

improve service delivery

3/26/2019 8:37 AM


3/26/2019 8:35 AM

I believe in a prosperous, harmonious South Africa for all, and will do my part to participate in creating a better future by voting.

3/26/2019 8:34 AM

Yes, you can.

3/26/2019 8:34 AM


3/26/2019 8:34 AM

Although Cyril Ramaphosa has a huge task ahead, and he will need all the help he can get to root out corruption, so endemic in the ANC &the threat of the EFF, more than any time we need a good opposition.

3/26/2019 8:34 AM

I think it is time to empower many of the smaller parties and give them a voice and ability to use their presence to make a difference

3/26/2019 8:34 AM

We have incompetent people running the country. And they are corrupt

3/26/2019 8:33 AM

Let us get rid of the ANC

3/26/2019 8:33 AM

They’re all a-holes but we need a strong opposition.

3/26/2019 8:30 AM

Please, people, do not vote for the ANC as you will simply be endorsing the corruption and mismanagement that has been sabotaging the country. Cyril is NOT the ANC. If he was going to be bold, he should have done it by now – and the ANC may have been worthy of a vote. As it stands, let him play his “long” game and he can get your vote next time.

3/26/2019 8:27 AM

We need the major opposition party to be stronger and at least negate any other opposition party.

3/26/2019 8:26 AM

The ANC has brought us to the parlous position we’re in today.

3/26/2019 8:26 AM

In crunch times such as ours nationally and globally the natural inclination might be to vote for a strong leader to protect our interests. Counter-intuitively, however, what I’m discovering in myself is the leader I would follow would need to personify virtue as in clear-sighted, honest, steadfast, having integrity and courage – because deep down I now realise that survival is contingent on trust not fear of betrayal. It follows therefore that none of the top three qualifies as both Ramaphosa and Maimane have been shown to have feet of clay while Malema is an opportunist | Hendrik Mentz

3/26/2019 8:25 AM

The ANC cannot be trusted at any level. They have proven themselves to be a totally corrupt organisation over many years.

3/26/2019 8:23 AM

The ANC’s support needs to be diluted because once the ANC is in power Ramaphosa could be recalled and replaced by someone in the Zuma faction.

3/26/2019 8:22 AM

How many state entities must fail before people see the light ?

3/26/2019 8:21 AM

Let’s hope that people vote with their minds and not their hearts

3/26/2019 8:16 AM

As per Einstein: to expect a different outcome when doing the same thing over again is a form of insanity. Remember Cyril serves at the pleasure of DD and Ace

3/26/2019 8:14 AM

Because of the historic baggage that it will always carry, any liberation movement is highly unlikely to be able to adapt to being a fully functional, effective, democratically based, truly representative governing party

3/26/2019 8:09 AM

Sadly, there appears to be an absence of leadership in our country and we lurch into elections without a stand out personality. Is there an import restriction on Ardern?

3/26/2019 8:09 AM

All small parties join DA so we can lift anc out their chair. We need honest non corrupt government.

3/26/2019 8:09 AM

I would love to vote for the person, not the party.

3/26/2019 8:06 AM

Mr. Ramaphosa I simply could not vote for the ANC, but you will in all probability win the election, but my plea is do away with expropriation without compensation as there are better ways to distribute land and these extreme socialistic ideas are outdated in a modern economy. Please model our economy on successful nations, encourage investors, make doing business easier, reward employers for creating jobs, and at all costs do not follow the Zimbabwe or Venezuela models.

3/26/2019 8:06 AM

For our future in South Africa this is the party to vote for. A non racial party.

3/26/2019 8:06 AM

No Comment

3/26/2019 8:06 AM

Please vote. This is the last chance to salvage the country.

3/26/2019 8:06 AM

We need economic, technical and social competence, not political populism, in order to achieve the best outcomes for the country and all its people.

3/26/2019 8:05 AM

What South Africa needs is a very strong opposition in this election. That can only be the DA. Vote for your pecadilo parties next election. I will be looking at the Purple Cow NEXT ELECTION.

3/26/2019 8:04 AM

There is no option – the ANC has failed and is in no position to change. The DA is at least moral and has more checks and controls on its public representatives.

3/26/2019 7:59 AM

The ANC & EFF will completely ruin South Africa

3/26/2019 7:59 AM

I wish all people could understand that EVERY VOTE COUNTS…ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT WERE NOT CAST!!!

3/26/2019 7:58 AM

I support integrity and Godly values. I cannot support a party of corruption, no moral standards and racial hatred.

3/26/2019 7:58 AM


3/26/2019 7:57 AM

Close your ears and open your eyes

3/26/2019 7:56 AM

Unfortunately I will not be able to vote as I will be in the Outer Hebrides on 8 May. Pity.

3/26/2019 7:56 AM

While startup parties with no political experience might seem tempting and intelligent, remember these two things: 2/3 majority is still something that needs to be prevented even if only from a perception point of view. Intelligence, logic and accountability have no place in politics. They never have. Ever. Any party espousing these is lying or is hopelessly naive.

3/26/2019 7:55 AM

Every vote counts so please do the right thing and make your mark on the 8th of May!

3/26/2019 7:53 AM

Anybody voting for the ANC needs help. 25 Years completely wasted and from the strongest economy in Africa to junk status! “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato

3/26/2019 7:52 AM

There is a need for change and pensioners need to go on pension and let young people lead. The ANC has let people down and continues to do so. Eskom is just one indication of the state of disaster the country is in.

3/26/2019 7:51 AM

Take responsibility for your own actions! Don’t blame it on others.

3/26/2019 7:50 AM

The ANC is enshackled not only with corruption but by socialist dogma. Ramaphosa has not been effective.

3/26/2019 7:49 AM

The DA needs to state what it will and can do. Furthermore, it lost a lot of credibility with the way it handled the Patricia de Lille saga. Maimane is not a strong enough leader.

3/26/2019 7:47 AM

Don’t trust Cyril Ramaphosa. He is just a pawn in the hands of the ANC Mafia. Get rid of the ANC from Government everywhere – Finish and Klaar.

3/26/2019 7:46 AM

[email protected]

3/26/2019 7:46 AM

no comment

3/26/2019 7:46 AM

The only reason I vote DA is to give opposition to ANC. The purple cow appeals to me the most

3/26/2019 7:45 AM

When making your choice who to vote for, use your head, not your heart.

3/26/2019 7:41 A

Affordable excellent education at the pre-primary, primary and secondary level is essential for the future of South Africans.

3/26/2019 7:41 AM

Vote with your mind. Not with your heart. We need to take emotion out of politics in SA.

3/26/2019 7:40 AM

We MUST get a few members of the ZACP in parliament. I am sure they will make huge noise. All South Africans must applaud our media for exposing all the mean things the ANC have done so far. By voting ZACP you basically put the media in parliament. Come on South Africa. THINK!!!!

3/26/2019 7:40 AM

Vote for the party that is not a thief.

3/26/2019 7:40 AM

Think carefully before you cast your vote

3/26/2019 7:39 AM

I am a 50-something self-employed white male that wants to live in SA. The DA is a fallback choice. The ANC is the only party that can advance necessary social and economic transformation, but at the moment they cannot be trusted. They had my vote at one point, but need to re-earn it now.

3/26/2019 7:34 AM

we have to get rid of corruption

3/26/2019 7:34 AM

The ANC is long past its expiry date. Seeing the same few people on the list again, Jesse Duarte, Mantashe and all the known crooks and criminals is beyond insulting to voters. We must be rid of this evil dinosaur, the ANC.

3/26/2019 7:33 AM

The ANC is a very different political party to the Mandela era, that ANC gave us hope. People must vote for change.

3/26/2019 7:31 AM

We should vote for the party that best suits our ambitions and interests!

3/26/2019 7:31 AM

sick and tired of currption

3/26/2019 7:31 AM

I have zero confidence in all of the major political parties that will contest the upcoming election.

3/26/2019 7:31 AM

It is soul -destroying that thieving and corruption will continue. Black is not a colour,it is a condition! The African continent is proof

3/26/2019 7:30 AM


3/26/2019 7:29 AM

I have to vote for the best alternative to the government we have now. I know there are better leaders out there and I wish they would put themselves forward to lead the DA. I have great respect for Thuli Madonsela and would like to see her, or persons with her sense of values, leading our country. Let’s fix this place with positive change, not negative criticism.

3/26/2019 7:26 AM

May reason prevail on May 8

3/26/2019 7:24 AM

Use your common sense and vote for what makes sense.

3/26/2019 7:23 AM

The ANC has messed up the country so badly and still have far too many of the “spoilers” in their leadership. We cannot trust them to run the country after 8 May 2019.

3/26/2019 7:23 AM

I believe the media overall is is undeservedly hypercritical of the DA, Helen Zille and of Maimane (IOL is pure ANC propoganda). DA should be given credit for what it has achieved in WC, Midvaal, and to a lesser extent, Tshwane and Johannesburg. As an example, What coverage did Zille get for her last inestimable State of the Province. report. Pathetic.

3/26/2019 7:21 AM

I don’t really care which party wins, as long as they are honest and put the country first.

3/26/2019 7:21 AM

Vote with your conscience. Vote for the party that will work for YOU and NOT for themselves

3/26/2019 7:20 AM

I believe that South African’s of all races, cultural and religious backgrounds are inherently good people who share a common cause. Let us not fall prey to divisive party politics at this time which aim to create and exploit our differences for their own agenda rather than unify us for the benefit of all.

3/26/2019 7:19 AM

Vote with your mind. No corruption and no racism/ prejudice. One South Africa, One Nation!

3/26/2019 7:18 AM

All politics is evil. There is not one party that has the interests of the country as priority, they all want to be in parliament so as to have a chance to stick their filthy snouts into the trough of money, and are there for there own interests not the country. Despite blatant evidence of many of them to be corrupt they carry on their merry path of destruction, not answerable to anyone, and they know it.

3/26/2019 7:18 AM

DA represents all races and viewpoints

3/26/2019 7:18 AM

We need a STRONG opposition. Currently we have far too many disjointed wannabes.

3/26/2019 7:17 AM

The pillaging and looting has to stop. A lot of the criminals responsible for it are on the ANC list for sets in Parliament. This proves is that the ANC does not object to dishonesty and Ramaphosa is a hypocrite.

3/26/2019 7:17 AM

In 25 years the ANC have succeeded in destroying everything SA had going for it. factual evidence proves that everything the ANC has touched has been systematically destroyed through pure greed and stupity. The real shame is that the ANC have destroyed the future of our youth and openly display this through their ignorance.

3/26/2019 7:16 AM

I believe SA’s only chance is having one party strong enough to clean up the mess we have been left with. Coalitions are a disaster as the true needs are not what is the outcome but rather infighting and opposing the partner whatever the topic. Give Ramaphosa enough power to do what I believe he knows has to be done.

3/26/2019 7:16 AM

The DA nearly lost my vote due to the way that the Patricia De Lille matter was handled. The party was not the same one that I voted for last time.

3/26/2019 7:15 AM

It is time for serious action to rid us of racism, dishonesty, criminality and facsionism.

3/26/2019 7:14 AM

The ANC wrecking ball has to be stopped doing more damage to SA.

3/26/2019 7:13 AM

It’s time to break the cycle of parties thinking for the next election, by choosing ones that think for the next generation

3/26/2019 7:11 AM

Go D A.!!!

3/26/2019 7:08 AM

As a previous ANC voter – they have lost me due to the current list published with tainted individuals and their cadre deployment . They have done this at a huge cost to the poor, to our children, to our future as a country and to voters.

3/26/2019 7:04 AM

voters should wake to the smoke and mirrors of the ruling party

3/26/2019 7:01 AM

Record of accountability and transparency are the only trustworthy guides, the ANC has a way to go with these. All parties need to address the problem of Union abuse of power, especially in education

3/26/2019 6:58 AM

Anyone voting EFF or ANC is a traitor to the country, plain and simple. Anyone who blindly votes DA should also take a long hard look in the mirror these days. Time for real change, throw the old guard out.

3/26/2019 6:56 AM

Ramaphosa will never get my vote because of his inaction in solving the crises at Eskom and SAA 5 years ago when he was tasked to do so. Zuma knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed him: he is too weak and too compromised to take any action at all. His decisions have nothing to do with a balance of power in the NEC and everything to do with his own interests.

3/26/2019 6:56 AM

The ANC is too corrupted to govern and it is time for change.

3/26/2019 6:55 AM

As South Africans (and world citizens), we all need to be pro active, re-sponse-able, taking time for silence, reflection, introspection, reading, thinking, whilst being and doing what is best, not only for ourselves, our beloved country, and fellow citizens, but for all sentient beings, including nature and earth that sustains us all. Let’s become more conscious by avoiding noise (inner and outer noise), and pursue acts of compassion resulting in sustainable happy living for all.

3/26/2019 6:55 AM

the value systems of honesty, accountability and integrity will always determine who I vote for

3/26/2019 6:54 AM

Cyril is still ANC, to hope for change is wishful thinking

3/26/2019 6:54 AM


3/26/2019 6:53 AM

we need qualified responsable people running the goverment

3/26/2019 6:52 AM

25 years of so called democracy has shown that the ANC only know how to steal money and bring the country to its knees. The majority of South Africans are still under-educated and their living standard has not improved. Where are the jobs we were promised ?

3/26/2019 6:52 AM

I believe we need to change the electoral system to a constituency based system. The proportional system does not work because the party chooses representatives whereas there are politicians who do not belong in parliament.

3/26/2019 6:51 AM

Sick and tired of corruption and continual racism

3/26/2019 6:50 AM

no comment…there’s enough happening without my comments or remarks

3/26/2019 6:50 AM

We need some party that can stir the POT at the top.

3/26/2019 6:50 AM

If thee ANC wanted my vote they would have taken action against the corrupt MP’s

3/26/2019 6:49 AM

Only 50% of those under age 30 are even registered to vote. This is a tragedy; some incentive like discounted airtime/beer for life should be offered to registered voters who vote at each election.

3/26/2019 6:48 AM

Vote with your head, not your heart!

3/26/2019 6:47 AM

We need more information on potential reforms to our electoral system.

3/26/2019 6:47 AM

Honesty and trustworthiness is of paramount importance.

3/26/2019 6:46 AM

We need to rid the country of ANC rule, they are thieves and lier’s

3/26/2019 6:46 AM

Vote with your brain NOT your heart.

3/26/2019 6:43 AM

I urge readers to go through party manifests. It is enlightening.

3/26/2019 6:42 AM


3/26/2019 6:42 AM

Wake up South Africa! If you keep voting for thieving parties like the ANC or the Eff you will get the government you deserve and life will continue to spiral down

3/26/2019 6:42 AM

Hopefully people will not be brainwashed and threatened to vote for certain parties

3/26/2019 6:42 AM


3/26/2019 6:40 AM

ANC your days are numbered…………….

3/26/2019 6:40 AM

Because I believe if you do not vote you do not have the right to complain

3/26/2019 6:40 AM

Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment will never decrease unless we invest in the unemployed, the informal sector, the townships and former homelands

3/26/2019 6:39 AM

We should stop petty politics in this country and start working together to build a strong and competitive economy open to the world.

3/26/2019 6:38 AM

Vote DA for a better and safer South Africa

3/26/2019 6:38 AM

it sounds trite I know, but we have to grow the pie, fighting over who should have what share is fruitless if we dont have a pie,

3/26/2019 6:37 AM

please fix Escom, it is hurting our economy

3/26/2019 6:36 AM

CR needs to win big to provide the power base to continue turning SA and its institutions around!

3/26/2019 6:36 AM

Don’t reward any party that’s steeped in corruption.

3/26/2019 6:35 AM

Be careful what you wish for!

3/26/2019 6:35 AM

Alas, the liberal voice is not repesentated on the party list

3/26/2019 6:35 AM

Politicians need to realise that they are not above the law. Prosecute and imprison all individuals implicated in State Capture.

3/26/2019 6:34 AM

A government which treats all fairly and is accountable

3/26/2019 6:33 AM

why every bad decision the government took affect ordinary poor south African. Like eskom. Government must be accountable for what is happening at eskom and go after each and every person who stole from the state money and recover it instead of increasing tariffs of which it affects jobs and the poor of the poorest. The ANC government is ignoring the fact of state capture because almost all the parliament members benefited from this money. Above all we need new young blood and qualified politician in government positions.

3/26/2019 6:32 AM


3/26/2019 6:32 AM

We did not fight a struggle against Apartheid to be robbed by our own people

3/26/2019 6:31 AM

We must stop a one party state.

3/26/2019 6:30 AM

Don’t give up – vote thoughtfully

3/26/2019 6:30 AM

South Africans have done it before …… we are diverse but we ALL need to work hard to get our country back. It’s possible – come on – let’s do it!

3/26/2019 6:29 AM


3/26/2019 6:28 AM

May reason win!

3/26/2019 6:27 AM

3/26/2019 6:24 AM

The DA has a track record of clean and competent governance. Even at the risk of losing votes it is prepared to take action against prominent leaders who are implicated in irregularity.

3/26/2019 6:24 AM

my eyes are on Purple Cow

3/26/2019 6:24 AM

It is time we voted for the party whose published manifest is achievable rather than for the parties proven to have either ‘lost their way’ or proven criminals!

3/26/2019 6:23 AM

The ANC has shown thew country that it is run by traitors. The elected government chose Zuma over the countries constitution. They cannot be trusted ever again.

3/26/2019 6:22 AM

Don’t listen to what is said, see what is/was done- then Ramaphosa and Malema are criminals stealing with a suitcases. Maimane is a well spoken bag of hot air, the only way out is cold capitalism and the acceptance that we are a lost generation-live for your descendants

3/26/2019 6:21 AM

No. I have assumed that this survey was confidential as far as any inferrable identity of the subject was concerned, Please keep it that way as far as you can.

3/26/2019 6:18 AM

The ANC and EFF are thieving gangsters. They don’t deserve my precious vote as well as access to all the taxes I pay them. Send them to jail. Now.

3/26/2019 6:17 AM

South Africa is in a shambles . The national level of intelligence is lower than Grade 2 so we cannot expect much of a future in this country. The new president of the country will be chosen based on the lack of intelligence. As a result , what does he represent ?

3/26/2019 6:17 AM

Why is Ramaphosa pussyfooting around with the likes ace and all the other crooks .

3/26/2019 6:17 AM

South Africans want to be proud of their country and leadership.

3/26/2019 6:16 AM

The corrupt ANC should be disqualified from the elections …

3/26/2019 6:16 AM

I like Ramaphosa but he is not in control of ANC and therefor I cannot vote for ANC because they most likely will recall him after the election. They are using him temporarily to gain votes

3/26/2019 6:13 AM

The best outcome would be a far larger DA. SA would then have moved towards supporting the largest non-racial party, strongly underpinning the values of our Constitution.

3/26/2019 6:13 AM

South Africa is in a shambles . The national level of intelligence is lower than Grade 2 so we cannot expect much of a future in this country. The new president of the country will be chosen based on the lack of intelligence. As a result , what does he represent ?

3/26/2019 6:13 AM

We have the power to change our lives for the better. The ANC has failed to deliver over the last 25 years, what harm can be done by trying a new party….except the EFF?!!!!!

3/26/2019 6:13 AM


3/26/2019 6:11 AM


3/26/2019 6:11 AM

While it is imperative that President Ramaphosa get a significant majority, the votes must come from previously abstaining ANC members. The country cannot afford a government that requires EFF support to govern. The corruption will become endemic

3/26/2019 6:10 AM

The politicians line their own pockets. Think before you vote.

3/26/2019 6:10 AM

Stop lying ,this goes for the media as well

3/26/2019 6:10 AM


3/26/2019 6:08 AM

Govern and work in this country by the words on the steps of Parliament.

3/26/2019 6:07 AM


3/26/2019 6:07 AM


3/26/2019 6:04 AM

The various commissions of enquiry have exposed(altho not tested) the true extent in corruption and it is evident that it runs deep within the entire ANC and the party can not be trusted in running our country.

3/26/2019 6:03 AM

3/26/2019 6:03 AM

To all South Africans of voting age: you must go to the polls on 8 May – it is your civic duty!

3/26/2019 6:01 AM

Hey! Lets vote for a party that has proved it can govern!!

3/26/2019 6:00 AM

I think its very sad that the official opposition the DA seems to have lost its direction, these elections would have been the perfect point in history to capitalise on the disarray that government has found itself in after Zuma to either have a changing of the guard or at least a strong effective opposition.

3/26/2019 5:59 AM

Change is coming!!!

3/26/2019 5:58 AM

I do not trust the NEC of the ANC to keep Cyril as president after the election. Otherwise I would vote for Cyril.

3/26/2019 5:57 AM

When it is all said and done ,people still vote according to their race. A scary but real threat is what if the ANC , COPE and EFF are still the same tribe but strategically decided to split up and later come back togehter again? No facts , just some musings of an old man.

3/26/2019 5:55 AM

I cannot vote because of crazy rules! I live in Germany at the moment: I will be in South Africa on 27 April which is the only day that votes are accepted ‘overseas’ I will be back in Germany on the 8 May – a day on which one cannot vote ‘overseas’. So I am absolutely not able to vote !!! Crazy

3/26/2019 5:54 AM

I vote ANC unconditional

3/26/2019 5:54 AM

i would like to vote nationally and provincially for people rather than party ?

3/26/2019 5:53 AM


3/26/2019 5:51 AM

When the power of love exceeds the love of power we will be an awesome country. Sadly this is true the world over.

3/26/2019 5:50 AM

Need righteous leaders with integrity to servr people of SA – politicastors out for their own benefit

3/26/2019 5:46 AM

The ANC should be out. The DA should sort it’s house out The ZACP should beencouraged

3/26/2019 5:46 AM

How many dreams can a party destroy before its followers wake up

3/26/2019 5:46 AM

All politicians – get your act together and do what is right no matter what the consequences are for you and your party.

3/26/2019 5:44 AM

We need to make Cyril strong for him to govern!

3/26/2019 5:44 AM

The ANC & EFF are too corrupt to govern the country and to grow the economy.

3/26/2019 5:40 AM

The rural “cattle vote” will again give the ANC a big win.

3/26/2019 5:38 AM

Such a beautiful country with so much potential, let’s get it right!!!

3/26/2019 5:37 AM

The BLF need to be banned for their racist stance of no white members which is unconstitutional.

3/26/2019 5:35 AM

Trust needs to be earned. We cannot trust the ANC as being able to govern yet.

3/26/2019 5:32 AM

If only the masses knew better…

3/26/2019 5:32 AM

It is a great pity that our S.A. history prevents majority governments from employing the available expertise for the betterment of all ….. this is our biggest drawback.

3/26/2019 5:31 AM

My vote will probably go to the DA, but I have been very disappointed in their recent performance in Cape Town and in the public utterings of Helen Zille both of which have done the image of the party no good.

3/26/2019 5:30 AM

The anc and eff leadership are a bunch of lying, thieving scoundrels only interested in looking after themselves and don’t give a damn about the people of south africa

3/26/2019 5:29 AM

Wish it was over

3/26/2019 5:28 AM

We need a strong, morally ethical and visionary leader to take us into a bright future, but sadly I do not see anyone capable of this yet.

3/26/2019 5:28 AM

A Stong opposition party is essential.

3/26/2019 5:26 AM

I cannot vote for a party who put shown to be corrupt members on their MP list. All I want is a party who will sort out the education and SOE’s of this country.

3/26/2019 5:26 AM

The Socialists have run out of our money so lets vote for a party that encourages money growth -capitalism!!

3/26/2019 5:26 AM

The dilemna is, “jointly with South Africa”, choosing a strong opposition party that will free us from political and personal selfish goals.

3/26/2019 5:25 AM

I believe that the 2019 elections are of far greater national import than was that of 1994. Back then we voted with joy, saying “Yes!” to Hope and Growth. We now have to vote to in order to choose between national death and survival. Vote wisely. Don’t not vote.

3/26/2019 5:20 AM

We need to work TOGETHER for a future in our country.

3/26/2019 5:20 AM

This is a “last chance” election. If we do not save the economy then SA is on its way to becoming a failed state. The DA and ZACP are the only ones that understand and can do what is required. All the rest promise free money and a paradise of unrealistic handouts in return for no effort, but actually have no clue about how to save the country. Truly a fork in the road and a high road/low road scenario ahead!

3/26/2019 5:18 AM

We need action regarding corrupt politicians and being held accountable , charged and sent to jail. An example needs to be sent that corruption is NOT acceptable.

3/26/2019 5:16 AM

I am voting for the DA despite being very disappointed with their performance, but because SA needs a strong opposition.

3/26/2019 5:15 AM

Vote with your head and not your heart!

3/26/2019 5:15 AM

Lay charges !!!

3/26/2019 5:15 AM

Vote ZACP, the DA has let us down.

3/26/2019 5:14 AM

Escom must hire competent engineers to do the necessary maintenance, do away with BEE and nepotism.

3/26/2019 5:14 AM

1) Voting “tactically” (eg for the anc, as advocated by BD’s Peter Bruce) in the hope that by some act of magic one’s vote will be allocated to the less bad faction (ramaphosa) of the anc is completely delusional. To vote for the anc is to vote for the enemy, and consequently the further destruction of SA. 2) Not voting for the party for which one would otherwise vote (eg anc) to record one’s dissatisfaction with such party, is not sufficient to make a meaningful change to the percentage of votes. It is necessary to vote against the anc.

3/26/2019 5:12 AM

I believe the biggest threat to our democracy is socialism prevalent in society. I also believe it is evolutionary and has a definite timeline. The sooner we realise the negative effects of socialism the sooner this country will be able to meet its needs in terms of capital inflows, job creation, expanding tax base, and benefits to all downstream.

3/26/2019 5:11 AM

I believe the best solution would be a strong opposition, which would need a coalition of the strongest opposition parties.

3/26/2019 5:10 AM

Let’s show the world we are serious about cleaning up corruption by speeding up the process of getting some of the high profile perpetrators in jail! I think the best outcome of this election would be a strong vote for Ramaphosa & a strong united opposition.

3/26/2019 5:10 AM


3/26/2019 5:09 AM

The DA might be bad at politics, but their administration is not only world-class, but absolutely essential for this country. Don’t waste your vote!!

3/26/2019 5:08 AM

Wake up and vote for a strong honest opposition.

3/26/2019 5:07 AM

Prevent the further demise of South Africa by not keeping the corrupt ANC in power

3/26/2019 5:06 AM

So looking forward to being able to vote for a party I already admire. Go ZACP

3/26/2019 5:06 AM

I would love to vote ANC as I trust Cyril, but I do not trust the party and therefore won’t vote for them.

3/26/2019 5:05 AM

Can we please just get rid of the Zupta faction in the ANC!

3/26/2019 5:04 AM

Its time to put SA first and forgo the party politics, our country is in crisis, lock up the thieves in parliament and any anyone connected to corruption, those guilty must go to jail and have all assets confiscated.

3/26/2019 5:03 AM

It is time for change. The country is on the brink of collapse. South Africans need to vote with their heads not their hearts

3/26/2019 5:01 AM

I am waiting for the true leader amongst the silent capacity.

3/26/2019 5:00 AM

If the ANC manage to secure a large win at this election then I am relocating my family to another country

3/26/2019 4:59 AM

Time for some real leadership to steer the ship with a competent captain and crew.

3/26/2019 4:57 AM

Elections are not about color but about people who can take South Africa forward as a free country beneficial to all South Africans.

3/26/2019 4:57 AM

“PJV” (Please Just Vote)!

3/26/2019 4:57 AM

I believe the results of this election will signal the end of the NDR and a higher level of maturity on the part of the average voter.

3/26/2019 4:54 AM

You may use the data for statistical analysis/ representation as a whole in a pool of data, but my identity itself is to be concealed since I revealed whom I shall be voting for. Thank you

3/26/2019 4:54 AM

Without a vote you have no voice and I would like my country to survive without corruption and for each and every citizen to have a better life

3/26/2019 4:52 AM

No thanks

3/26/2019 4:52 AM

I would like a president and government that I can respect and trust.

3/26/2019 4:51 AM

South Africans have been taken for fools and children. We have been lied to and punished. Our dreams, aspirations and opportunities have been destroyed, yet we remain hopeful, faithful, loyal and patriotic.

3/26/2019 4:50 AM

Get rid of the Zuptoids

3/26/2019 4:50 AM

I have moved from voting “practically” for the party most likley to provide a balance of power to the ruling party to voting for the party that represents the most sound economic and social principles that match my view of reality. The DA’s has shown little original thinking that is contrary to the ANC. They are positioning themselves against the ANC in a way that makes them just another shade of ANC policy. Have they become complicit with the ANC in some way?

3/26/2019 4:45 AM

Time to sort out education and privatise most SOE’s

3/26/2019 4:44 AM

The ANC is a terrorist organisation that presented itself, through continuous misrepresentation as the legitimate regime of South Africa.

3/26/2019 4:43 AM

The DA has implemented inclusionary housing policies in Gauteng in a way that makes me fear they are more socialistic/communist than the EFF. The ANC handled EWC more democratically.

3/26/2019 4:40 AM

No comment

3/26/2019 4:39 AM

Don’t vote for more of the same. Vote for someone else …anyone else, there are a lot of alternatives than the same embedded party, as the country needs strong opposition to keep the government on its’ toes.

3/26/2019 4:38 AM

It is time for change…..The current ruling party have self imploded and have had 25 years in power but have failed!

3/26/2019 4:38 AM

The ANC is an out of touch racketeering machine for black elites.

3/26/2019 4:38 AM

Because of the DA’s poor performance, and remarks against the white teacher, before facts were available, I am now voting FF

3/26/2019 4:36 AM

Deeply saddened about how things in S.A., my beloved country, are deteriorating

3/26/2019 4:35 AM


3/26/2019 4:34 AM

In no civilised nation on the planet does any political party with the recent track record of the ANC deserve another 5 years in power- they need time-out to get their house in order

3/26/2019 4:34 AM

Please clean up administration countrywide and jail offenders.

3/26/2019 4:33 AM

The ANC is past their sell-by date. The poor were never catered for.

3/26/2019 4:32 AM

Corruption has destroyed more lives than apartheid, the ruling party must FALL!!!

3/26/2019 4:31 AM


3/26/2019 4:31 AM

You had your turn,ANC. Don’t give EFF a turn.

3/26/2019 4:28 AM

The ANC is the reason why a fantastic country like SA is in such a mess. They will only make right if the people responsible are put in Gail to show the people they ate serious to correct the mistakes

3/26/2019 4:27 AM

Corruption must be voted out and punished.

3/26/2019 4:26 AM

get rid of eff

3/26/2019 4:25 AM

I would like to vote for the new Capitalist Party, but I don’t know which one this is, and I feel that it is better to have a strong opposition, so I will probably vote DA.

3/26/2019 4:25 AM

Each vote should seek to punish parties responsible for poor delivery, inconsistent policy, and lack of innovation. Voting for sa party because of sentiment will not improve SA.

3/26/2019 4:18 AM

The DA needs to up their game. The recent water crises in the Western Cape and the ” Aunty Pat” debacle proved that at a leadership level they are not much better than the ANC which is a really sad state of affairs. Basically no real leadership!

3/26/2019 4:17 AM

The way the ANC elects people to put on their list means they will never really be a party but rather a criminal outfit

3/26/2019 4:16 AM


3/26/2019 4:14 AM

Even if you have faith in Ramaphosa as president he is still part and parcel of the ANC which you cannot trust

3/26/2019 4:14 AM


3/26/2019 4:13 AM

We need to vote on the parties record. We don’t elect the president, the party does. The president can be removed at the party’s will. Anonymous

3/26/2019 4:11 AM

No comment for now.

3/26/2019 4:11 AM

We cannot afford a Parliament of clowns,

3/26/2019 4:10 AM

If I could be sure I’d be voting for Cyril and not the Zuma faction, I’d vote ANC. A weaker but safer choice is DA.

3/26/2019 4:07 AM

Politics is about perceptions, so I will not vote for the Corrupt Party or the Racist Party…

3/26/2019 4:05 AM

Nothing will improve until corruption in all its forms is rooted out and properly punished

3/26/2019 3:59 AM

Clean governance with talented people in cabinet positions will help this country overcome 25 years of going backwards.

3/26/2019 3:53 AM

Loadshedding, corruption, eTolls will severely cut back the ANC’s share of the vote…GOOD!!!

3/26/2019 3:53 AM


3/26/2019 3:51 AM

The demise of the ANC is close

3/26/2019 3:46 AM

Politics + Politicians are destroying this country.

3/26/2019 3:46 AM

My vote goes to the ACDP because it is faithful in honouring God in every way, always doing WHAT is right. If coalition politics is the overall result of 8 May, Kenneth Meshoe as the coalition president will bring ethical, upright national leadership to RSA, without imposing his personal worldview on the nation.

3/26/2019 3:46 AM

There is only one party that can save SA – the DA


3/26/2019 3:45 AM

The ANC is the last party I would vote for, they have stripped this country bare with no accountability. Ramaphosa now tries to take moral high ground speaking of the lost 9 years, where were he and his cadres whilst this was happening? They are all complicit in bringing this country to its knees.

3/26/2019 3:39 AM

A vote for ANC or EFF is a vote for the destruction of South Africa

3/26/2019 3:35 AM

Country needs an about turn before it heads into the pit like Venezuela

3/26/2019 3:32 AM

Lets fight together for the future of our country

3/26/2019 3:31 AM

I’m giving Cyril Ramaphosa a chance -thE risks of him NOT becoming president are just TOO BIG

3/26/2019 3:20 AM

South Africa needed a strong ANC. The ANC messed up so badly that I cannot vote for them anymore. The DA is the only alternative. The porblem with the DA is that they lack punch. No clear strategy and poor leadership.

3/26/2019 3:18 AM

&[email protected]!!you ANC

3/26/2019 3:16 AM

Socialism is the start on a disastrous road to Communism,

3/26/2019 3:10 AM


3/25/2019 10:47 PM


3/25/2019 9:27 PM

Integrity & Trust for Politicians serving the Nation has destroyed the peoples trust and has been proven to destroy every aspect of governing a Country successfully.

3/25/2019 9:15 PM

The general public needs more basic information on the political system, why we vote provincial and national. I never even thought about tactical voting till asked in this survey….now it has me thinking!

3/25/2019 8:56 PM

a party with brains, common sense, practical, wise, a heart for the people of SA, and a will, hard work and determination to do what is honest and right.

3/25/2019 7:59 PM

We don’t need governments. Localised (suburban) contribution by visible community members for services they directly benefit from and administered by hired and fired professionals is the future. Accountable. Simple. Visible. Proportionate. Independent. Capitalist and Human. Family is the unit to protect. Socialism is dead. Racism must disappear in every form, including BEE.

3/25/2019 7:50 PM

DA has let me down, my only other option is ACDP

3/25/2019 7:09 PM

politicians are evil

3/25/2019 6:52 PM

the only way to address runaway corruption is to ensure a multiplicity of strong opposition parties and to neutralise majoritarian parties, as well as to eradicate cadre deployment at all levels by professionalising the civil and quasi-civil service.

3/25/2019 6:43 PM

Very concerning that politicians that are criminals cannot be held accountable by voters during the 5 yr period between elections.

3/25/2019 5:51 PM

Please join millions of South Africans voting for a change in National Government this year.

3/25/2019 5:07 PM

No comment

3/25/2019 5:05 PM

We need to allow new players to be given 5 years and depending on their performance re-elect them back or vote them out. There should never be permanent Rulers in a democracy. It’s the only way to keep politians in check.

3/25/2019 4:30 PM

For a free market economy where race doesn’t play a part the only choice is Freedom Front

3/25/2019 4:03 PM

Think rationally for a change.

3/25/2019 3:45 PM

The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities. – Ayn Rand

3/25/2019 2:19 PM

Honest Government

3/25/2019 1:59 PM


3/25/2019 1:48 PM

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