Annoyed SAs speak: Rob Hersov’s outspoken views evoke passionate responses

Global entrepreneur and the driver behind Invest Africa, Rob Hersov, was a keynote speaker at the BizNews Investment Conference (BNIC#2) in the Drakensberg at the beginning of September. In his brutally frank presentation to delegates, Hersov explained why he returned to South Africa after three decades overseas where he built a succession of successful businesses. He also painted a picture of the political landscape to which he returned, explaining why to the rational mind South Africa is ‘absolutely uninvestable’. After his presentation, Hersov also sat down with BizNews founder Alec Hogg for a Q&A.

Hersov’s strong opinions on South Africa’s future, Cape Independence, EWC, the ANC, and the DA have caused many community members to voice their feelings on social media. While many echo the billionaire’s sentiments to some extent, others feel his views are arrogant, privileged, and unrealistic for the majority of South Africans with no hope of a ‘plan B’.

Well said, Hersov! 

Black empowerment is theft. Expropriation without compensation is theft. Why would anyone invest in this country with those things hanging over our heads? I mean, it’s uninvestable. Well said. Personally, I would have not returned to this shythole.”

“Very blunt, but unfortunately the truth,” writes

My views exactly – except for Madiba. I don’t think Madiba would vote for the DA over the ANC. Like Cyril, Madiba was ANC first. And we know what the ANC stands for. The ANC was patient and there was lots to steal. There was lots of good working infrastructure so they didn’t have to do too much. Madiba sucked us in. It seems we did not look too closely at what the ANC actually stood for, and thought everything would be OK anyway because world communism was defeated. Well, guess what? We must be the only country in the world where the whole govt calls each other Comrade – even the known gangstas are called Comrade. Madiba is over traded, the rainbow is actually separated colours, and Madiba is gone anyway. As Hersov says, we are actually stuffed.”

Post of the day right there. South Africa was sold the Mandela lie, yet still believes in it to this day.”

“Excellent interview,” comments ad but true.”

“I agree with most points but unfortunately, for the majority of currently disadvantaged people, there is no plan B and they cannot leave the country when things get too hot or we become Zim2,” argues As for the deification of Mandela – I must say I don’t hold in him that high a regard. I am not sure that he did not also benefit from corruption. All these cadres became very rich very quickly. Of course, that would be considered to be blasphemy.”

Indeed Rob is right – most of us know that. I am not sure anymore that this situation is salvageable. There is unfortunately a tinge of arrogance associated with Rob’s delivery. His circumstances are so different to 99.99% of the population. What I do find interesting is that he is actually in Cape Town playing for the Dodgers (tax). Resetting his non-dom tax status in the UK takes around 5-6 years and all his predictions seem to take this period into account. Makes one think. Stir the pot hard and then leave?”

“Give this man a Bells,” cheers . “At least he has the cajones to call a spade a voshel. We can always keep on dreaming and try to realise our dream of a better SA. After all, we voted yes in 1992 for a better SA and got disillusioned by our failure to recognise the wolf in sheep clothing. Now we are all paying penalties. We got what we voted for.”

“What does this Rob guy drink?” asks Rachel Mlosy. “The honesty is unmatched.”

That’s all good and well, but…

Don’t see the point of any of this. So he wants to tell us his personal story – just leaves out the part about using dad’s money to make a comfortable life outside SA. Then live in SA because it’s great until it’s down the pipe and he’ll leave again because he can. SA is uninvestable, but you’re investing? Can be fixed very easily, but it won’t be, so we’ll leave when it gets as bad in the Western Cape as it is in the rest of the country. Spare us. The rest we know. Except that Mandela would never vote DA. That’s just silly. Mandela was an old school, dyed in the wool communist. Makes the rest of billionaire Rob’s pronouncement just as silly.”

“I think he is living in a dreamworld,” says Joseph Thomas.

Like I always say – either leave or stay and shut the f up.”

Commenting on the BizNews TV video of Hersov’s presentation, Carmen Mulder says, “On the surface, [it] sounds ok to those who know no better. I wonder why he excluded the bigger problem of globalisation and that people can’t empower themselves under this type of structure? Problems won’t change even under DA rule as we’ll still be controlled by overseas power. True freedom and power is in sovereignty. There’s no other way.”

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