Carl despises Hersov, Hersov despises the ANC – all a bit of a bore!

Carl Niehaus retorts indignantly to Rob Hersov’s attack on the ANC in this tirade below. Offensive as it is, it’s hard to take Niehaus seriously, especially since no one does, not even his imagined colleagues in the ANC. But it’s only fair to let everyone express his point of view…. Sandra Laurence

Voetsek Rob Hersov!

I have listened with bristling irritation to this arrogant, white entitled speech, by Rob Hersov at the BizNews Conference:

I despise this arrogant piece of white trash! It is exactly because of people like Rob Hersov that we are in the mess that we are. By his own acknowledgement, his family and himself, gave us the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa and his fellow sell outs. These arrogant, evil, WMC manipulators funded Cyril and Co, and manipulated and ‘wormed’ them into the ANC.

Now that the shit is hitting the proverbial fanbelt, and their puppets are failing and destroying our beloved Liberation Movement, and our country, Hersov wants to say “voetsek ANC”! Aikona, I am not going to take this bloody crap from him!

People like him always wanted to destroy the ANC, and the liberation ideals that we stand for. They have created and used Ramaphosa, and now that he no longer serves even their selfish evil, exploitative, purposes they throw him into the rubbish bin of history like the pathetic used condom that he is.

Yes, Ramaphosa deserves his comeuppance. He must voetsek, but so must Rob Hersov, and all these selfserving arrogant white bastards like him.

So I say: VOETSEK ROB HERSOV! You, and your ilk, have given us the sell out Cyril Ramaphosa, and his acolytes. In the process you have inflicted immense damage on our beloved Liberation Movement – the oldest African Liberation Movement – you always resented the ANC, and wanted to undermine and destroy us. The ANC is all we have, and you jealously want to destroy it, and take it away from us.

With Ramaphosa you have almost succeeded, but there are enough good, and dedicated, ANC members who will not give you that evil pleasure.

We will rid ourselves of Cyril Ramaphosa, and his evil cohorts, and we will save our beloved ANC.

This speech by this arrogant, self-entitled white alpha male, whose family became stinking rich on the backs of the exploitation, blood, sweat and tears of African labour, has made me extremely angry. My language is deliberately intemperate, and I do not apologise for that. I mean every single word.


Carl Mpangazitha Niehaus

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