WATCH! First Nkandla Style, now #Guptasparadise takes rap. Does anyone in ANC still care?

South Africa is watching a political tragedy unfold, yet some of us are still laughing. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Presidency, where Jacob Zuma repeatedly raises his middle finger to the nation. The recent appointment as MP of Brian Molefe, the disgraced former Eskom CEO so obviously entangled in the #Zupta web of greed and economic destruction, is a blatant sign that Zuma and his henchmen in the ANC don’t give a flying fig about the nation. South Africa’s government looks like a sinister organised crime syndicate, with convicted criminals and the blatantly corrupt in office from Pretoria to embassies and consulates around the world. Last week, a scathing editorial in The Times of London laid bare the scary truth that South Africa under Zuma has deteriorated quickly into a kleptocracy. ANC leaders are to blame for allowing Zuma and his captured colleagues to remain in power. Those who have had the power to eject him have stood by, watching the plunder of state coffers and, equally importantly, the destruction of the fledgling democracy. With the rainbow nation teetering on the brink of terminal decline, N’kandla Staail flags up the issues in this parody, #Guptasparadise, of a Coolio rap. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so heart-breakingly accurate about the real state of the nation. Watch and weep. – Jackie Cameron

Flashback: From Nkandla Style to #Guptasparadise

Gangnam Style┬áprovided inspiration for parody Nkandla Style, which takes aim at President Jacob Zuma’s abuse of state funds to improve his personal homestead. #Guptasparadise could be a similar hit, though it’s missing Zuma swinging his hips. #Guptasparadise has notched up tens of thousands of views on Youtube. The name #Guptasparadise is a reference to the rich immigrant Indian family, the Guptas, which is pulling President Jacob Zuma’s strings.

The Gupta and Zuma families are so close that South Africans refer to them as the #Zuptas. The Gupta family has grown enormously wealthy on the back of connections with Zuma, with a number of allegations that they have made cabinet decisions and even discussed political appointments directly with politicians while Zuma is in the background.

Missed Nkandla Style? Watch it here:

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