BizNews Brainteaser – Ian’s Trivialus for 28 Jan

Either quizmaster Ian Woodrow was feeling merciful or my game is improving. After scraping just 10 points a week ago, my score was a far healthier 15 in the latest Trivialus. Not relying on guesses for bailouts either. Here’s the latest brainteaser. Click here for the answers. – Alec Hogg

  1. Who pulled out of the US presidential race last Sunday?
  2. What two colours are used to refer to the main tributaries of the Nile?
  3. True/False – Hammerhead sharks can be fatal to humans.
  4. Last week Japan became the fifth country to successfully land a vehicle on the moon (albeit, not the
    right way up). For a point, name the previous four. For a bonus, name the first to achieve this in 1966.
  5. Which band had a hit with Start Me Up in 1981?
  6. Epistemology is the study of what?
  7. On Thursday, Turkey approved Sweden’s NATO membership. But which NATO member still has to
    approve the application before Sweden can be admitted? Bonus point for its prime minister.
  8. Who surrendered to Ulysses Grant after the Battle of Appomattox Court House?
  9. Germany has been experiencing its largest civil demonstrations for years. What is the cause of this?
  10. What sport would you be involved in if you were to mend, double haul and strip?
  11. Where in the United States did the 2002 Winter Olympics take place?
  12. The Oscar nominations were announced this week. Many felt that two of the main participants in the
    year’s most popular film were snubbed by not being nominated. Who are they – point for each?
  13. What is chromophobia?
  14. Which US city does Rocky Balboa come from?
  15. Which white witch was the wife of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed in Welsh mythology? Bonus for the British-
    American band that had a hit in 1976 with a song named after her?
  16. Which virus is rapidly spreading across Europe with a 40-fold increase between last year and 2022?
  17. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? Bonus for the name of the woman who
    first flew solo from London to Australia.
  18. How many countries are completely surrounded by just one country, a) 3 b) 5 c) 7?
  19. If a glass of water is filled with water and ice cubes, what will happen when the ice melts, a) Water level
    will rise b) Water level will remain the same c) Water level will go down?
  20. Which country is devoid of mosquitoes a) Iceland b) Norway c) Greenland?

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