BizNews brainteaser: Ian’s Sunday Trivialus 17 Mar

BizNews brainteaser returns with another edition of Ian’s Trivialus. Whether you’re a trivia enthusiast or simply love learning new things, Ian’s quiz is sure to entertain and challenge you in equal measure. You’ll find the answers by clicking here

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  1. In German they are strumpfhose, what are they in English?
  2. Who was the leader of the fascists in the Spanish Civil War?
  3. Which Caribbean country has descended into chaos as a result of a revolt by violent gangs?  Bonus for the President who has agreed to resign his post once a replacement government is in place.
  4. Which Northern Irish singer-songwriter released the album Astral Weeks in 1968?
  5. Vulpes vulpes is the scientific name for which animal, a) Honey Badger b) European Rabbit c) Red Fox?
  6. What was the first passenger jet aircraft?
  7. On Monday it was reported that a renowned singer-songwriter responsible for hits such as All by Myself, Never Gonna Fall in Love Again and Hungry Eyes, passed away.  What was his name?
  8. True/False – Antarctica wasn’t discovered until 1778.
  9. Recently, The Lancet, a medical journal published a report on obesity levels in the world.  Which region has the highest obesity levels, a) The USA b) Polynesia c) Saudi Arabia?  Bonus for saying what defines a level of obesity.
  10. Which of the following directly causes wind, a) Earth’s rotation b) Uneven heating from the Sun
    c) Gravitational pull from the Moon?
  11. Which city hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final?  Bonus for the two teams playing in that match.
  12. On Wednesday in the US, the House of Representatives passed a bill to ban which social media app if it failed to change its ownership?  Bonus for saying what is really behind this move.
  13. In which European country were potatoes considered a cause for leprosy and even outlawed between 1748 and 1772?
  14. Is there a difference between flammable and inflammable?
  15. In the folk tale, who befriended a lion by removing a large thorn from the creature’s paw?
  16. Who edited a family photo which led to a media furore that was blown out of all proportion.
  17. How many of Henry VIII’s wives outlived him, a) One b) Two c) Three?  Bonus for his last (sixth) wife.
  18. Unforgiven (1992), a western, had Clint Eastwood as an unsuccessful nominee for Best Actor.  But who won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in the same film?
  19. Which country has the lowest birth rate?
  20. By what collective name are helium, argon, radon, krypton, xenon and neon known as?

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